Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Miracle Polymer With 1001 Uses? Myth of Fact?

Alright, so maybe not exactly 1001 uses but you get the point. The polymer I'm referring to was developed recently; its called d30. Really nifty stuff. Under low impact, it reacts kind of like playdoh but under high impact, the molecules pack tightly together, causing it to harden up and hold its shape. The video below is demonstrates d30 so you can see it for yourself.

As mentioned in the video, the form of d30 featured is not yet processed and formed.

Cool, eh?

Brands SixSixOne and Raceface have begun to apply it in their protective gear such as elbow/forearm and knee/shin guards, etc.

I thought that this thing wasn't 100% perfected yet so I wasn't expecting it to be available in at least 3-5 years. Yesterday, I went to the Specialized Concept Store in the Strand, Damansara and there it was; 2011 SixSixOne Evo Lite XC elbow AND knee guards as well as SixSixOne Evo elbow and knee guards! Sadly, they cost RM300++ a pair. Huhu.

But it's already here in Malaysia!! Here are some pictures

SixSixOne Evo Lite XC knee guard

This is the d30 tab, indicating that the item contains the polymer.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Trials are over! Phew. At last. But unfortunately, those are only the trials. The real SPM is yet to come. -Sigh-. At least I'll get a break, I hope. Hehe. I'm going to enjoy not studying right now.

Au revoir for now.