Saturday, December 20, 2008

Went to a friend's wedding reception tonight. Well, more like my mom's former colleague. He finally got hitched. It was nice. But also painful. They played Sway and I kept being reminded of my girl. Aargh! Thank god it was short and there were some interesting to do. Forgot to snap a picture though. Damn it. I hope Mama won't be too dissapointed. I mean, she just got back from Canada after being there for 10 weeks...

Anyway, just to update that. Au revoir

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1. Do you think you're hot?
No. But some girls seem to

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself.

3. Why do you like that picture?
'Cause I love her

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Weii Syuen's place

5. The last song you listened to?
Asmaradana - Tiara Jacquelina. It has sentimental value to me

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Missing my girl like crazy

7. What name would you prefer besides yours?
I like my name just fine thank you very much

People to tag:
-Weii Syuen

8. Who is number one?
A close friend. Someone who knows how to have a good time and can take a joke

9. Number 3 is having a relationship with?
Najihah a.k.a Ha

10. Say something about number 5
Smart, tall, mysterious, secretive, likes solving the Rubik's Cube.

11. How about number 4?
Fellow PRS, great artistic skills, musician.

12. Who is number 2?
Great gal. Funny, knows how to have a good time. Excellent friend. Loyal.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Weii Syuen's Gathering

It's been what? 4, 5 posts since I last published a chapter of The Nightlings. I really should get back to writing it.

But first, I want to publish something about Weii Syuen's gathering today (19th December 08). It was a blast! I definitely like tight knit parties better then the full blown everyone-is-invited kinda party. Mun Yee, Mayin, Jasmine, Sher Lynn and my girl; Liyana. We had a blast. First we watched the Love Guru. It was hilarious! I definitely recommend it. But it can be a bit vulgar so I don't recommend watching it with your younger siblings. Unless they're also teens or can get the joke.

Then we had a water balloon fight. But for some reason, it always bounced off everyone. It only burst on the ground so only the hems of our pants were wet. Funny. Since it was tiring to fill all the balloons, everyone just grabbed one, filled it up and let the pressure shoot it out like a water gun. Some used the hose and some used the bucket. Michael broke one of'em. The buckets that is. I was the first one to get wet. Courtesy of Michael.

Arriving right on cue, Weii Syuen's mom with pizza! I had two slices. One from each pizza. One was Hawaiian Chicken, the other was Beef Pepperoni. While eating, I managed to crack a few jokes. We all had a good time.

After the pizza, we decided to walk around the park. Well, more like parks actually. Liyana and I went barefoot as we were the only ones who wore shoes. Everyone else wore slippers. This was just as fun as the water fight. Weii Syuen had quite a time snapping pictures of us. While we were at one of the emptier playgrounds, we chatted. We were really chattering. It was fun. We left Weii Syuen's house around 5 and headed back around 7. Wow. That was a long time. After changing, Liyana and I 'talked' a bit. It was really REALLY GREAT to be able to see her again. God I missed her.

At around 7:15, I left and now here I am, typing this blog, wrapping it up.

Thanks Weii Syuen for the great hospitality and for knowing how to have fun. Merci tres beacoup

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Rides

I'm still in the mood to write about cars. I feel like making another wishlist after this. Gee... I wonder when I can publish the 7th Chapter for 'The Nightlings'. But never mind that. This time I'll start all over again. This time I'll go outrageous and put every car that I want.

We'll start with my all time favorite; Corvette. Once again it's the Corvette on the top of my list. I'm telling you, the Corvette the sexiest car ever created. The first Corvette was produced way back in 1953. The car is definitely steeped in history. Since I'm on the topic of Corvettes, I might as well list down all my faves. Here they are;

1) '58 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster (C1)

2) '59 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Racer (C1)

3) 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6)

Voila, all my favorite Corvettes. Told you I was a die-hard Corvette fan.

'C' indicates Corvette and the number means which generation are there. So C1 means generation 1 Corvette*

That about covers my favorite muscle cars. Talk about picky. They're only Vette's up there. Anyway, I think I shall proceed to European cars. Yes, that sounds nice.
1) Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

The sexy Maggie Q drove -- and blew up-- this equally sexy car in M.1:3

2) Audi S5

Gwyneth Paltrow drove this baby -- though very briefly in Iron Man.

3) Ferrari F430

I'm sorry but I don't know what movies this prancing pony starred in.

I think it's only wise that we move on to the next big automotive nation/area; Japan. Birthplace and home of the Samurai, sushi, and Anime. Here are -- in my opinion -- Japan's top cars.

1) Mazda RX-8

This sexy geisha had a brief stint in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift.

2) Honda Jazz/Fit

This one caught my eye. It's a little feminine -- at least that's what my mom says -- but it's still sporty and an amazing city slicker. No movies starred in. Not yet.

3) Honda S2000

This one I would LOVE to have as a car but it's a 'little' bit out of budget. Fine. WAY out of budget. But it's a coupé roadster! What do you expect? It's cheaper than the Porsche 911 Turbo convertible. But comparing those two is like apples and spinach.

*information courtesy of Wikipedia


To be reasonable, I'd go for a fuel-efficient compact for my first car. So far, I have my sights set on the brand new Honda Jazz. I'm not getting it anytime soon though. The Jazz is very sporty looking and performance wise, fair. It's a superb city-slicker; being a compact and all. And it's a Honda! The Jazz is much more spacious compared to a Ford Escape surprisingly. Sorry to those Ford Escape owners out there. But it doesn't come in Orange. Waa! Not in Malaysia at least. I guess I'll settle for White or Black then.

But hey, everyone has a dream ride, right? So here is a list of mine. Muahaha!

Being an American at heart, I fall hard for the American Muscle. My first choice would be the Corvette; one of the sexiest cars ever to have been produced. A true American classic. I fell in love with this one when I saw it's predecessor; the C5. Prior to that, I had never even seen a Corvette. This one really rocked my world. But living in Malaysia for most of my life has left it's mark so not all the cars here are American.

Then there's the Dodge Viper. I don't really like it but it ain't half bad and besides, what other car has a V10 under the hood? The Italians put their engines in the middle to make the car more stable so this one is borderline crazy.

The Audi S5 is also gorgeous. Gwyneth Paltrow drove it in the latest Iron Man movie. Audi has come a long way from it's 'shoebox' design, as my dad puts it. It's very nice. Very elegant but still has that sporty feel to it. It looks marvelous in this pic. Audi's new design has caught my attention. Now their cars are actually good to look at.

Two words; Aston Martin. The Brits surprised me with this one. It's a beauty. This model is the V12 Vanquish. The one that got me hooked on Astons. Pierce Brosnan drove it in Die Another Day. Judge for yourself;

The '67 Ford Mustang Fastback is simply drop-dead-gorgeous. What I wouldn't give to try and tame that Mustang.

*Sigh*. If only eh? If I had to pick one and one only, I'd choose the Corvette in a heartbeat. The rest are -- unfortunately -- not in order of preference. Only the Corvette. Sorry.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sneakers & Sandals

As the title suggests, this has something to do with footwear. It's difficult to find footwear that will last at least 3 years in terms of not falling apart. Most will fall apart after 3 months. My current sneakers held up for about a year+ thankfully. But now it's falling apart so I need a new one. No more Nike for me. But I'm still not getting Adidas. Yes, I'm a Nike person for life. But I'm not buying any Nike from Malaysia. Minimal quality control -- if there is any to start with.

I'm considering either Puma, Fila or Skechers for my next sneakers. I'm hoping it won't fall apart either. Those Fila sneaks aren't that bad. Neither are the Skechers. I'm torn between going for the tennis shoe-style sneakers or for the hardy hiking boots... If I go for the hiking boots, I'll look for Colombia or something. Hm... I think it's time I had somewhat of a makeover. Tennis shoe-styled sneakers it is.

As for the sandals, that's just something I decided to add to the title.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 6)

"Luther, Anna, follow us," spoke Jonathan and they headed towards the sleeping quarters while Maya and Aaron headed towards the teleconference room. It was a cozy room. It had an oval table with eight chairs; four chairs on either side. One of the walls for the room was replaced with several glass panes. Two adjacent panes doubled as doors.

Maya sat down facing the glass panes. Aaron merely stood in one of the corners. This made Maya feel guilty. As though she had been the cause of all this and she didn't even know what it is that she had caused. Aaron’s cold demeanor only made her feel worse. Soon Samantha and Jonathan stepped in and took their seats across from Maya. Only then did Aaron settle in beside Maya.

"Maya, do you know what happened tonight?" started Jonathan.

"I know what happened but I don’t know why it happened. Why are we here? Why are we hiding? How long has this been here? Who were the people at the dance? Why did Aaron rush me out of the school? What does Aaron and his friends have to do with this? Why were Luther and Anna waiting in -" and Jonathan held up his hand, asking Maya to stop.

"I know you have a million questions you want to ask and they will all be answered in due time. But first, your mom and I have something to tell you. We've been keeping it from you all this while,"

"Maya," this time Samantha spoke, "you’re a witch,"
"A witch? As in riding on a broomstick and casting spells kind of witch?" Maya asked, disbelieving.

"No, not casting spells and riding a broomstick but yes a witch. You can do virtually anything and at your will. Every witch has a different… how to say it? A gift so to speak; a particular power they are exceptionally skilled at. These are the earliest powers to surface but unfortunately, these powers also happen to be the latest to mature so you will have minimal control over them even though you can do everything else with ease. But once they mature, they will be your greatest power. That is why you look so attractive and share minimal attributes from either of us; you're a shape-shifter. But all your powers have their limits," paused Samantha.

"What about dad?"

"Only women inherit the power," spoke Jonathan softly; pleased that at least Maya was having hysterics.

"What about Aaron, Luther and Anna? What do they have to do with this?"

"I’ll tell you later," said Aaron; not looking at Maya and before Samantha or Jonathan could say anything. Maya was slightly offended but trusted that Aaron would tell her later. Maya was beginning to wonder whether Aaron asking her to the dance was his own decision or her parents way of keeping tabs.

"What about the people at school? Who were they? How come no one heard the helicopters fly overhead?" Maya asked.

"Because there weren’t any helicopters and those people are members of a secret organization. They believe that all Nightlings should stand up against the humans. You know; no more living in secrecy and fear kind of stuff," explained Samantha.

"Nightlings? What are those?" Maya enquired further, bewildered by the term.

"Creatures of the night; vampires, lycanthropes, witches and warlocks," explained Samantha. Maya noticed Aaron flinch at that last word.

"What about this hideout? When was it built? By who? And why?"

"It was built by those of the Nightlings who wish to keep our existence a secret. We are just as formidable a force as our opponent," explained Jonathan.

"Who are 'our opponents' exactly? I mean why did they come after me? If they were all about protecting the Nightlings and raging war against humans, why did they come after me like that? Couldn’t they have approached me more discreetly?" Maya asked; trying to clarify as to why they had stormed into the school in such a manner.

"Well, as to who they are, they call themselves the Night Warriors. Defenders of the secret world, so to speak. And as to why they did that… um… Samantha? Could you explain this to Maya?" Her dad’s cracking voice told Maya what she was about to hear wasn’t going to be pleasant and so she braced herself.

"Maya, their leader; Jean Dubois is a vampire. He has two vices; blood and women. He must’ve caught your scent and is after you," Samantha spoke, her voice cracking.

"What you saw tonight is just a fraction of what he is capable of. He has a whole army at his command. We’re not safe here. Sooner or later, he’ll find the hideout but by then, it would have been sealed off," she murmured.

The Nightlings (Pt. 5)

As the song ended, and everyone started to applaud, Maya noticed something shift in Aaron’s eyes. And suddenly he threw her on the floor and jumped over her. As she struggled, the windows blew out and she realized Aaron was protecting her. As all the glass showered down, Maya could hear everyone screaming and running. She felt herself being heaved up and lead out of the school building

To Maya’s surprise, Aaron’s car was in front of the school, not in the parking lot where they had parked. Then the doors opened and she heard two voices. One of them was very gruff; a man’s. The other wasn’t gruff and a little higher pitched; a girl’s. Aaron indicated for Maya to climb in the back seat while he climbed in the front passenger seat. The moment, the door was closed, Maya was thrown back as whoever the driver was; he or she had slammed on the gas, hard. Sitting beside her was one of the two girls from Aaron’s table. She was quite pretty; with wavy jet black hair. She was dressed in a pastel pink zip-up sweater, jeans and a pair of Puma tennis shoes. The other guy was at the wheel with Aaron riding shotgun.

“Are you OK? I’m Adrianna. Call me Anna,”

“Hi Anna, yeah, I’m fine. Umm… can you explain what just happened?”

“Actually, I’m not the best person to do so. We’re going to your mom’s house right now. I think they’re more… suited, to do the explaining,” and that’s when Maya noticed Aaron gazing through the rear-view mirror at Anna. His eyes were different now. They were still that luminous hazel glow but they seemed to be hiding something. That cold, angry front seemed more like a cover that an actual emotion.

Soon enough, they pulled over in front of Maya’s house. Jonathan was waiting by the door with a grave expression. Maya just kept her head down, unable to bring herself to face her dad. They followed Jonathan into the living room where Samantha was waiting. Maya and Aaron sat facing her parents. Anna and the other man stood guard by the doorway. Maya felt so alienated. As though she had missed something and couldn’t appreciate how they were feeling. She felt alone.

“Thanks for bringing her back so quickly, Aaron. You’re sure no one followed you, right?” spoke Jonathan suddenly; breaking the silence.

“Yes. I’m positive,” answered Aaron briskly.

“Good. Maya, could you come with us? We have something to show you. Aaron, Anna, Luther, please come too.” Maya was surprised to learn that her dad knew them.

“Dad,” she whispered.

“Not now, Maya,” he spoke quickly and softly but it still sounded like a command.

The group followed Jonathan to a bookshelf and Jonathan pulled at a book then slid it back into place. The books then fell apart and somehow seemed to blend into an archway, revealing a spiral staircase going downwards. The three guests followed Maya’s family down the staircase. As Luther stepped onto the staircase, the bookshelves closed back up.

The environment in the secret passageway was unprecedented. It wasn’t stone but rather a strange, smooth, white wall. It was also well lit with electric lights instead of the medieval torches. The staircase itself had an aluminum frame and the steps were made out of Plexiglas. Even though it was all white, it wasn’t glaring. At the bottom of the staircase sat quite an impressive facility.

“Welcome to our hideout,” spoke Jonathan is a soft voice but it seemed to reverberate gently so that everyone could hear it clearly.

“It’s not much but it’s quite the fortress. There are sleeping quarters, living quarters, an armory, a medical facility, teleconference room and even a lab. Our canteen is very well stocked. But it’s self-serve,”

“What are the protocols should the hideout be breached?” enquired Luther. He seemed more like a bodyguard than a family friend.

“There are five tunnels leading out of here. Three will take you to the surface at different points and two of them will take us to other hideouts. Let’s say this one were to be breached, it will be locked down. All tunnels leading out will be sealed on both ends. Only those with the access codes can get out,” Samantha explained this time. Luther merely nodded and fell quiet again. He’s eyes were much different from Aaron’s. They were a light grey and cold.

“Maya, Aaron, could you wait for us in the teleconference room?” spoke Samantha very gently.

“Sure mom.”

“Thank you darling,”

New Moon

I finished New Moon in under 24 hours! I started reading it at 8 p.m. and finished at 5 p.m.! That's the third book in a row that I've finished under 24 hours. To my surprise, I finished New Moon faster than I finished Twlight. Funny. New Moon is thicker by about 100 pages or so.

It's a good book. A hard one to get hold of too. I went to two MPHs and both stated they were out of stock. I had to get it from Borders. The plot is nice. Deeper than Twilight. I kinda understand how Bella feels when Edward leaves her. The emptiness afterwards I mean.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday, 11th Dec 08

I know, boring title. Please bear with me. Today my dad took leave and we we planned to go out to Mid Valley. But my dad had a few errands to run so we arranged our "flight plan" so to speak. First we would head towards to Cheras to drop off a package. Then a slight detour to send our CRV for service. From there we would either hail a cab or catch a bus to Mid Valley.

One small snag; we forgot that Selangor was on leave today so we were greeted by an unsightly experience; rushing against the clock while facing jam after jam. This persisted even on the way home. Aargh! But upon arrival at Mid Valley, we were determined not to let it ruin our day.

1st stop of the day; brunch. Yes, we had to skip breakfast. We woke up a little later than planned so haste was necessary. We had brunch at Chilli's. I had their Lamb Shoulder and ordered their Pina Cholada. Yeehaw! After the meal, we chatted a bit. It's a family tradition. Somehow the topic of drawling came up and my bro and I started. My dad had a good laugh. Yeehaw!

Afterwards, we headed for MPH. To get there alone we had to face what was like a recreation of the traffic we just gone through on the road. Oh, and I wanted to get New Moon. BADLY. My earlier attempt at SACC was unsuccessful as they had run out of stock. Then I was hit with another surprise; the MPH Superstore in Mid Valley was out of stock! That is a first for my family. The series must be a HUGE hit. I have a feeling a majority of the fans are girls. Just a feeling, don't get touchy.

So my bro, my dad, and a disappointed me, left MPH and headed for Metrojaya to see their selection of school uniforms. Blagh. Poor selection. Dissatisfied, we browsed a bit more and then headed across to the Gardens. We shot straight to Robinsons since my dad had a *cough* platinum *cough* membership. I bought a pair of slacks there. There was a cool jacket from Blend there. Stone grey. Nice design. The thing costs RM329. T-T *sob* *sniff* *sniff*. Why must jackets be so expensive?

Anyway, afterwards we went to Borders upstairs. I was determined to get New Moon. *Laughing like someone who just lost it & twitching*. Thankfully they had it. Phew. Finally. My bro went looking for a book on drawing. He couldn't find it and so he bought only a sketchpad. The one he was using kept falling apart. Not surprising since it was an exam pad, not a sketchpad. He's not half-bad at it actually. Drawing I mean.

Then we headed back to Mid Valley's North Entrance by DOME to try and catch a cab. Eventually we did but after queueing up for like 1/2 an hour. Crazy. So many people were waiting there. When we finally got a cab, I dozed off on the way back to the service center. After picking up the CRV, I dozed off again.

It is now 23:39 and I am wrapping up this post. Au revoir

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hari Raya Eid il Adha

Somehow everyone else seems to have managed to publish pre-Raya posts. I wasn't. Yet I didn't do anything. Go figure. I went back to Banting (dad's side) today. It was raining since last night. I hate it when that happens. They make the day either gloomy and cold or blistering hot. In this case it was the former. Not to mention wet. And it rained the whole day! But everyone probably noticed so there's no use in exaggerating it.

Back to Eid il Adha, my family wanted to go perform the Raya prayers at Masjid Putrajaya as we expected it to be at least emptier than in BJ. Previous years we missed it because the mosque in BJ was always overflowing. But this year, the cars were parked all the way down the Boulevard. It was crazy. People usually leave AFTER the khutbah (sermon) so when we saw people leaving, we naturally thought we missed altogether. Especially since listening to the khutbah is one of the rukun for the Raya prayers. Then we realized that people were skipping the khutbah. So we walked towards the mosque. But not before we watched a group of Arabs demonstrate how uncivilised they were.

Here's what happened; a Perdana saw an empty spot and wanted to take it. But the spot could barely fit a Kancil. Then as he was backing up, a Wira came up right behind him, honking. He wanted the spot too. A Saga then joined the action. And the Saga was BEHIND the Wira. Wonder whether their brain is the size of a peanut or a green pea. The Perdana gave up the spot to the Wira and the Wira couldn't get the right angle so he left too. Then the Saga squeezed himself in. It's amazing he didn't hit anything. I felt like laughing and pointing at their stupidity.

After that good laugh, we proceeded towards the mosque but by the time we arrived, it was too late so we went downstairs to have breakfast. The options there can be described in one word; pathetic. Seriously, there was nothing much there. The Chicken Rice cost RM7. What are they trying to do? Buy a Merc. Then again, that isn't exactly surprising. Nando's unfortunately wasn't open. Then there's a Mamak stall at the other end. We hate the ambience at this Mamak places so we went for the only alternative left; some stall called Kelly's something something. The price was OK but the serving was meagre. I think stray animals get a slightly better share. Blagh! The walk back to the car was more serene. Everyone had left so it wasn't so bad. More relaxing.

The journey to Banting was slightly more eventful. We blasted the rock songs! Woohoo! Van Halen, Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin & Rainbow. We weren't able to burn the other CDs so that had to do for the time being. It was good enough. A lot of "hero kampung" as my dad puts it. All the Gung Ho drivers.

The rest of the day spent in Banting was rather uneventful. Everyone was bored. Two of my youngest cousins fought over the TV. On the way back, my bro fell asleep. I dozed off a bit too.

All in all it's been a tiring day. I'm beat.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 4)

To Maya’s surprise, Sara was right. The next day, Samantha and Maya stayed at home, Jonathan came over. They spent the day together playing board games and basically having a good time. It felt good to be a family again. Maya wondered why her parents had divorced. They seemed so happy together.

At 6, Maya started to get ready. By 7:45 she was ready and went downstairs.

"Wow Maya. Every guy there is going to dump their girl right there on the spot," commented her dad.

At 8 sharp, the doorbell rang. Jonathan opened the door. Aaron was dressed in a black Armani all black tuxedo with an apple red satin tie. It was a very simple outfit but seemed to accentuate Aaron’s physique.

"Evening, sir; I’m here to bring Maya to the dance?" greeted Aaron.
"Evening, you must be Aaron. Nice wheels. Charger?" enquired Jonathan, noticing Aaron’s car.
"Yes, sir," chuckled Aaron.
"Oh, he IS dashing," whispered Samantha into her daughter’s ear,”
"Mom," she hissed.
"Well, stay safe dear. Aaron, I expect her back by 11,"
"Yes, ma’am,"

Aaron held the passenger open for Maya and then climbed in himself.

"You look stunning tonight. Did you pick that on personal initiative or was it on Sara’s advice?"
"Thanks. And it was more like I chose it and Sara agreed. Who were the other kids sitting at the table with you?"
"I see. Well, you have good tastes. Um… put it this way; our parents go way back. So in a way they’re almost like family friends,"
"Oh. Uh… how do you afford all this? I mean if you’re rich, why don’t you go to a private school or something?"
"Well, I’ve never liked the crowd at those private schools. They always seem snobbish. Besides, life at a public school is far more eventful. At least it is to me. So what about you Maya? Where did you come from?"
"Oh, I was from Richmond. My mom insisted we move here because I had somewhat of an argument with my ex,"
"Oh? What kind of argument?"
"I'd rather not talk about it,"
"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable,"

Soon, they were in the school compound and before Maya could react, Aaron was holding the door open for her.

"How did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Hold the door open?"
"I walked around the car and opened the door," answered Aaron sarcastically
"No, I mean how did you get to the door so quickly?"
"What do you mean? I jogged around the car if that's what you mean. Maybe you drifted off a bit," Aaron evaded and Maya decided to leave it at that.

When the band started to play Lost, Aaron leaned over to Maya.

"Would you care for a dance?"

Forcing herself to calm down, Maya took Aaron’s hand. As they got into position, Aaron could feel Maya’s heart thump rather quickly.

"Am I making you nervous or are you not that comfortable with dancing?"
"A bit of both but its been a while since I last danced," admitted Maya.
"Then let me lead you," and sure enough, they were doing perfectly fine.

I'm an Edward

You are talented, knowledgeable and people are drawn to you. You like a good challenge and enjoy the company of a select few, but this is because you are picky and can be set in your ways. Sometimes you over react when things don’t go well, but your intentions aregood and you’re priority is protecting the ones that you love.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 3)

The next day, a boy approached Maya right after History, while she was packing up. Maya was about to shrug him off when she realized it was one of the boys from the table she was gawking at. Looking at him, she felt her heart suddenly beat erratically. Those eyes, they seemed luminescent somehow.

“Hi. You must be, Maya. I’m Aaron. I was wondering if you would come with me to the fall dance,”

“I’d love to but um... I don’t have anything to wear,” confessed Maya, blushing furiously.

“That can be fixed. So it’s a yes?”

“Yeah,” Maya sighed breathlessly.

As he left, Maya had to struggle to stop herself from hyperventilating. After she took her seat at the cafeteria, Sara suddenly spoke to her.

"I heard you need a dress for the dance. I was thinking why don’t we go tomorrow? I need one too"

"How did you know I was looking for a dress?" although Maya suspected she already knew.

"Aaron told you, didn't he?" blurted Maya.

"I still can’t believe he invited you. He’s quite the gentleman; covering for your dress and everything,"

"What?! So he asked you to pass him the bill or something?"

"Don't be so innocent, just take the offer. So are we going dress hunting tomorrow or what?"

"Fine but I’m driving. I’ll pick you up at 9 a.m. Good thing the dance is on Sunday,"

Back home, Maya went through the day with her mom.

"So can I go?" pleaded Maya.

"I don’t know. I mean after what happened with Jason and all… but only if you promise to stick to the crowds." Maya sealed the deal. The next morning Sara came over. She was driving a sporty 2 door convertible.

"My mom’s car; my brother borrowed mine," she said in response to Maya’s bewilderment.

"So where are we going?"

"I know this spot but it’s out of town. Is that OK with you?"

"Yeah, it’s fine,"

It was a riverside front and the view was unprecedented. They dress hunted for about an hour and after many tryouts, Maya settled for a turquoise Versace gown with spaghetti straps and halter neckline. The dress fell down to her ankles. The slim cut of the dress revealed her form flawlessly. Several store clerks actually stopped to stare. Before paying, Sara scooped up their gowns and headed for the counter. After paying, Sara handed Maya’s gown to her.

"Now it’s time to go hunt for the accessories,” and hooking her arm around Maya’s, Sara dragged her off. After another hour, Maya bought matching earrings, a bracelet, choker and white heels.

By the time they were done it was lunch so they headed to a nice little cafe for a bite. Maya ordered their Irish Lamb Stew, her favorite.

While they were walking back to Sara’s car, they bumped into Aaron. He was dressed in a white form-fitting polo and jeans. The shirt flaunted his lean body very well and it sent Maya’s heart beating erratically again. She was having trouble not to hyperventilate.

"Hi Maya; guess I’ll see you tomorrow night. Is 8 alright?"

"Why 8? Wait, you’re not picking me up are you?"

"Why wouldn't I? See you tomorrow night at 8 then," and he continued on, turning into a music store.

"How am I going to explain this to my mom?" exasperated Maya, giddy.

"Don’t worry, she’ll understand," reassured Sara.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 2)

Maya and Jonathan pulled into a used car lot. Jonathan's truck told Maya her dad was coming 5 minutes before it arrived. She swore not to get anything that loud. While Maya started to look through, her dad had a quick word with the owner. Soon she was beside Maya.

"Your dad tells me you're looking for your first car. Can I suggest a white '83 Mitsubishi Colt? Its a solid car. Being a Japanese car, its also easy on the gas. It isn't what you'd call powerful but its a great city slicker,"

"Mind if I take a look?"

"Not at all. Right this way,"

While Jonathan drove to work, Maya drove back home in her newly acquired Colt. On impulse, Maya decided to drive by the school. It was the last day of the Summer break so she might as well take a peek. The school complex was very nice. Double story, red brick and a rather spacious parking lot for the students.

The next morning, Maya was awakened by an alarm clock. Her mom must've put it there to make sure she woke up on time. Climbing out of bed, she headed for the bathroom. While brushing her teeth, she studied herself in the mirror. Maya was about 5' 3" and had flowy auburn hair. She had very full eyes and her eyes were a brilliant hazel color. She had always liked her eye color but wondered why she had them. Her mom was blue and her dad was green. Her face was actually very exqusite. Almost exotic. She had a very nice skin tone. She noticed that those from South-East Asia had this tone. She also had a very lean body. Many guys flipped over her but it still bugged her that she didn't have much of either of her parents' physical attributes. Almost zip. Sure it was a body she practically dreamed for but it was a bit unnerving. All in all, Maya was an extremely attractive girl.

Entering the student parking lot, she was relieved to see that most of the students drove something like hers, nothing fancy. But apparently one student liked to show off. Down the parking lot was racy red Dodge Charger SRT8. After collecting her schedule, she headed for her first class. For the first half of the day, no one really spoke to her. But at least she didn't have to introduce herself in front of the class.

While she was queuing up at the cafeteria, a girl approached her. The girl was quite pretty, blonde-haired but seemed sensible.

"You're the new girl right? Why don't you come sit with my us?"

"Um... Sure, why not?"

"Great, I'm Sara,"


The girl led Maya to a table where a group of students sat and started the introductions. There were 3 guys there and all seemed a little over-excited to see Maya. She noticed that there was a striking brunette at the other corner kind of glaring at her. Maybe one of the guys was her boyfriend. Maya just shrugged it off. While she was eating, Maya noticed a table at the other end of the cafeteria. Even though it was the other end, she had an uninterrupted view. They were two guys and two girls sitting there. All of them had jet black hair. They sat laughing and joking like everyone else. They seemed just like another group of friends but something about them seemed different. But before Maya could figure out what it was, the bell rang and everyone headed to their next class.

For the rest of the week, Maya forgot about the group from the other table. She was busy getting used to the tempo of the classes and trying to ignore the boys who were a little over-eager to introduce themselves. Until English on Thursday when Sara approached her.

"So, anyone asked you yet?"

"Huh? Asked me where? For what?"

"You don't know? You definitely need to pay closer attention to the notice boards. Fall dance is coming up. No one's asked you yet? Funny considering that many of the guys are going gaga over you,"

"They are not," hissed Maya.

"They are too. Anyway, now you know one of the reasons why they're a little over-eager to get to know you. Well, that, plus the fact that you're a total bombshell," and Sara walked away, giggling, before Maya could say anything else.

The Nightlings (Pt. 1)

She was in her mom's car; a black 2006 Dodge Avenger. It was a pretty standard sedan. Nothing fancy. It was also in serious need of a wash. They were moving upstate from Blacksburg to Camden. She was staring blankly out the window as they were driving; thinking about her new life in Camden. Her mom's colleague was driving the U-Haul truck behind them.

"You OK, Maya?" she heard her mom ask, waking her from her trance.

"Yeah, I'm fine, mom," replied Maya McKenzie.

Samantha McKenzie had adamantly decided moving upstate with her daughter after she intervened in an argument between Maya and Jason; Maya's now ex-boyfriend. They were moving into a nice little house on the outskirts of town. Camden was chosen so that she could open up her own legal practice to keep an eye out on Maya. Besides that, her ex-husband; Jonathan, lived down the road so he could help keep an eye on her as well. Jonathan had offered Samantha and Maya to move in with him but they declined.

After unloading, Samantha's colleague went to drop the U-Haul off. Jonathan had come over to help with the sorting. They were surprisingly quick and by dinner, had unpacked all their essentials and sorted their furniture. The family had a dark secret but Maya didn't know it. Yet.

Jonathan had already registered Maya at the local high school. Unfortunately, both Samantha and Jonathan would not be around enough to drop and pick up Maya from school so Jonathan agreed to get her a car despite Maya's protests.

"Can't I just cycle to school?" tried Maya one more time.
"No, Maya, we're not letting you out of our sights. Besides I managed to get you a car, Maya. I haven't bought it yet but it seems like a good deal,"
"I'm going to be the school joke from day one. Perfect," muttered Maya under her breath.
"Can't I at least pick what I want? Let's go to the used car lot and let me pick. Please?"
"Well, I suppose so. Samantha, what do you think?"
"I think that's a great idea. Tomorrow you two go to the nearest lot and pick one. I can't come along. I have some matters to attend to in town,"
"Well, it's settled then. You two better get some sleep. See you tomorrow around noon." and Jonathan left.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 4rd?

Oh wait, it's supposed to be December 4th. Well, time seems to have zipped by. Mom is coming back in about 3 weeks or so -- the 21st. On the 20th one of my mom's former colleagues is (finally) getting married. Or at least, that's when the kenduri is being held. He's a close family friend in a way and it's a shame my mom can't make it. He kind of helped spark my brother's interest in Mini Coopers. His fianceé is just as crazy about BMWs as he is so I suppose they're good for each other. But alas, who am I to judge? A 15-year-old-son-of-a-colleague?

Anyway, I'm curious to find out how the Twilight movie is. But weighing between the movie and New Moon; the 2nd book in the Twilight saga... I pick New Moon. Hopefully I can get it this weekend. Fingers crossed!


I don't really like modern rock bands. Not really sure why. I guess one reason could be because they have stood the test of time and can still be generally accepted. Besides, their guitar solos ROCK! I like the 80's and mid-70's best. AC/DC has been around since '75 and they just released their latest album -- Black Ice -- this year. They still rock! Imagine, some 60+ year old guys still being hailed as awesome.

I don't deny that modern bands completely suck. Some of their songs can be quite good. It's just a matter of preference so please, don't take it personally. Anyway, here are my fav bands

I couldn't find Rainbow's official website since they disbanded so the best I could do was to find their info on Wikipedia.

A Cold Rainy Morning

On a cold rainy morning,
In a half-empty classroom,
With a few students,
And no teacher,
The classroom rings with voices of chatter, laughter and discussion.

And on this cold rainy morning,
Most boys sit at one table;
The back table,
Most girls sit at one table;
The middle table.

Yet there she sits,
Just diagonally across at the same table,
A fallen angel,
Oh, how my heart melts,
On this cold rainy morning.

While she sits there,
I sit across,
Writing this poem,
Drawing inspiration from the little community that is our class,
On this cold, rainy morning.

-Aqil Zakwan

Weekend Plans

How should I start? Why not with my plans for the weekends? That sounds nice. Yes, I'll start with an overview of the weekend. We're not doing anything. Haha. So much for plan. All I know is that I'm probably going to get New Moon. Woohoo! I'm getting New Moon in 3 or 4 days. Hopefully. Imagine that; two novels within a week. And the first one I finished in under 24 hours. Geez. Good thing I have the money.

Last night my brother started to read the book Twilight.I don't know when he will finish it. We can only pray that he will. He seems to like it. Look out girls; you might have the real thing coming. Unfortunately he is 6 years younger than you gals. Sorry.

*Sigh*. Curious and nervous to see what next year has in store for us. Hopefully another exciting year. Or at least an interesting one.

I'm getting New Moon this weekend! Yeehaw! Fingers crossed!

That's all for now though I'm probably gonna publish another post today. We'll see.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 2nd of the Month Has Arrived

Well, December 2nd has arrived. Only another 3 weeks or so till the PMR results come out. Noo! It's also another 19 days till mom gets back from Canada. We'll see what she brings back. Hopefully then we'll go shopping.

*Sigh*. There really is nothing to do now. Maybe I'll get back to my attempts at writing a book. I want a laptop! That way I can do whatever I want without my bro bugging me and/or trying to read over my shoulder 24/7. If I get a laptop, I'm clearing out the favorites on my user. That way, my bro can't trace my blog. He's not that tech savvy. Lazy too. Not to forget cocky. Serve him right for getting lectured -- literally -- to tears by my dad.

Anyway, today's been a tough day. My bro is not helpful (never has been) and to aggravate things, I have a cold. Perfect. Just perfect. Can my day get any better? Oh wait, it just did; today happens to be one of the MOST important days on my calendar. And I forgot! WTF man?! How could I have forgotten?! Why today? Of all days? AAARGH!!!

I feel like Edward. I'm never upset at her. Always at myself...


I hate being sick. It makes everything seem crappy. Being sick just aggravates the fact that I'm bored to death stuck at home. Aargh! Nothing to do! I want to know that I got 8A's. I'm practically a wreck at the moment.

Gah! Why must the school holidays be such a drag?! There's very little to do as it but with the restrictions I face, my options of activities either completely go out or become repetitious like hell... I want to go shopping now that the Sale has started! But my dad says to wait till my mom gets back. There's nothing to do! I'm beginning to lapse into either cabin fever or the winter blues. But it doesn't snow in Malaysia. Aaargh! I'm going nuts! I want to buy New Moon! I can only hope my dad will say yes...

There are very few factors keeping me within the boundaries of sanity. But I think the main reason is my girl. Chatting with her really helps. I'm not saying I'm going overboard here but you know how it is. For those who have Twilight, the best way I can describe it is how Edward feels whenever he has to leave Bella's side. The Michael Bublé songs also keep me calm. I think because it reminds me of her as well. See, told you she was the main reason.

I feel much better but I'm still bored so I think I'll put forth a questionnaire or something later.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Finished Twilight!

As the title implies, I've finished Twilight! In under 24 hours! As I seem to be doing with so many of my recent novels. Goddamn it, I have to learn to stop reading so quickly. Painfully enough, I can catch the details. Aargh! I need to, for the sake of averting boredom from settling in.

I'm interested to buy the next book in the Twilight saga; New Moon but I'm not sure my dad would agree to buying 3 books in ONE school holiday... Oh well, no harm trying eh?

Au revoir, that's all for now. Merci tres beaucoup.

Constant Reminders

It's December the 1st. I'm dead bored. I've bought Twilight but I have to take rather frequent breaks from reading it. It's addictive, sure but I'm constantly reminded of the conversations my girl and I so frequently had during class by Edward and Bella's conversations. The atmosphere of their conversations seems so similar. I really miss her.

We were planning to go out tomorrow but we had to cancel it due to a number of reasons. None of which I will tell. *Sigh*. I can hardly be myself without her. I feel like Edward whenever he is away from his Bella...

Speaking of Edward, we seem to share some similarities. We both seem to have that romantic soul somehow. Creepy, yet interesting... Then there's how Edward always seems to pop up. Weird, I know but everyone seems to be surprised that I can do that. Well, I don't glitter in the sunlight so I don't think I'm a vampire. I don't need to hunt either like the Cullens. But I'm not so sure...

Anyway, that's all for now. *Sigh*. So bored and missing her...

Au revoir, merci tres beaucoup

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I finally bought Twilight. It's a great book, I have to admit. The original plan was to buy it in Subang Parade but things didn't go as planned so we ended up in the Curve. It was cool. We stopped by Sony Style as my bro wanted to see the new PS3. I have to admit, it's quite cool. A bit bulky but with 80GB, who's complaining?

Anyway, some of the conversations between Edward and Bella remind me of my conversations with my girl. The mood I mean. I'm not a vampire. I wouldn't survive in Malaysia. The conversations make me miss my girl even more... You know, the way Edward responds in some situations seems to echo of how I would react. Or vice versa. Whatever. It's a tad bit creepy. But Edward's inconsistent attitude towards Bella early in the story is not me. But I guess that's part of Edward's allure, eh?

*Sigh*. I had to close the book for a while. It seems the more I read, the more I miss her.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I was feeling a little bit quirky today so I wore my pendant on my wrist along with my watch. Wee!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Night Time Photography in Putrajaya

Today was rather eventful. It was also quite tiring. I felt as though I shouldn't be blogging but I just have to. Blogger to the core, eh? Anyway, one of my cousins on my dad's side got hitched today. It was a very emotional event to my surprise. Before hitting the road, we stopped by and had some snack at McD Banting. Nice facade but a little iffy about hygiene. While queueing up, there were two other customers in front; a family and a couple. When it was the family's turn to order, then only they wanted to decide what to buy. A royal pain in the ass, I'm telling you. After we ate, all of us had to use the toilet so I went in before my brother. When I wanted to step out, some kiasu Chinese (no offence to my Chinese friends) tried to push his way past my bro. Nearly slaughtered the little bugger.

Then we hit the road heading back towards Shah Alam. By this time it was already around 7:15+ so my dad proposed we stop by Putrajaya to pray Maghrib. We just made it on time. Phew. After that, I asked my dad if it was OK if we went around a bit to see Putrajaya at night. I have to admit, night-time photography can be quite tricky. I managed to get quite a few good pictures.

By the time we got home, it was around 10+ so we had dinner first then only we took a bath. Now it's 12:35 and I'm wrapping up this blog. I've uploaded only the best picture. Sorry guys.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Boredom, Boredom, Boredom

Why is it that we teenagers are faced with the same dilemma year in, year out? Whenever the school break starts, we will suffer. There has to got to be a way to overcome our boredom. Aargh! Then there are the PMR results to worry about this year.

Goddamn it. You know what, after sitting down and letting this play through my mind for quite a while, I've come to realize it's not my friends that I miss so much, it's my girl. I love the feeling of being with her. It's like being on cloud 9. Seventh Heaven, some might say. Just being able to see her smile brightens my dad. It kills me to see even the slightest hint of pain in her eyes. Those alluring brown eyes. I miss her so much & listening to our song ain't doing much good.

You might be thinking "what the hell am I telling you guys for?" or "Oh god, not another sorry lovesick puppy," but it's my blog so please, take it as it is. Anywho, writing about it helps a bit but not much. Once I publish this post and log off or do something else, that emptiness comes rushing back. *Sigh*. I can't call her for two reasons; firstly she doesn't really like answering calls. Secondly, we'd end up chatting for at least 30 minutes and my parents wouldn't be too happy about that. Especially since they don't know about us. Tough life, huh? But I'm sure there are others out there who have a tougher life. Personally, writing/blogging provides somewhat of an escape from the everyday pain and a place to express myself.

I guess that's all for now. Time to go back to the real world of pain, loneliness, and boredom. *Sigh*

Au revoir

Umm... Music Anyone?

I don't know what to post. I feel like I have to publish a post but unfortunately, I don't know what to post. I guess I'll talk about the kind of music I like. Yeah, people seem to be a little weirded out at the kind of music I like. I guess in a way I can understand what Rory was trying to say.

Anyway, back on topic; people are always surprised when I say I like Heavy Metal. If you're not, then thank you. For those who were (or are) what is so surprising? Is it because that kind of music is not played in Malaysia? Well, there is something called Internet radio and it is completely free. Well, at least Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast is. I'm not sure about the rest. Pardon me if that seems shallow. Besides, there are our parents and they DO play a major role in our interests. I have to thank my dad for introducing me to this genre of music. My mom was never a fan of it so my dad had to kinda tone it down a bit.

But once, my mom went to Singapore and I was upset as it was the first time I had to be separated from my mom. The next day, my dad told me to draw all the curtains and close all the doors. After that, my dad popped the Batman Forever -- this one starred Val Kilmer and was one of the better Batman movies -- OST into the CD player & blasted Smash It Up by the Offspring and I really rocked out. Since then my dad suspected I had the Rock 'N' Roll soul but I guess he never said anything 'cause we didn't have any other songs so he couldn't be sure.

Then many, many years later, that changed. It was around the middle of the year and I was in form 1. I did a quiz on and it said my theme song was Back In Black by AC/DC. Back then, I was still listening to Justin Timberlake, a bit of MUSE, My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy, etc. Anywho, I was listening to it on the PC's headset and I sung some lyrics here and there. My dad overheard me and asked me what I was listening to and I told him (quote) "Back In Black by some band by called AC/DC" My dad immediately came over and told me where I got it. Naturally, I said I downloaded it via Ares, the same way I've downloading songs the past two years or so. He asked me to look for You've Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest. Then I was hooked.

Now my playlist consists of mostly 80's Rock. After that, I started using Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast because Malaysia doesn't have any hardcore 80's Rock stations. Judas Priest, AC/DC and Deep Purple are my all-time favorite bands. I prefer old-school 80's bands compared to the modern ones. Mainly 'cause they've stood the test of time and until now, people can still click with them. Then there's the solo. The old bands rip solos like crazy! Plus, each band has its own sound. Nowadays, you identify the song first then see which band had played it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Girls! Pay Attention!

My previous post I had done for the guys, describing what girls want. Now, at the request of one of my readers, I will do one for the girls, describing what guys want. But note, this is my personal preference. I'll try to be as fair as possible but no promises. Guys, if there are any mistakes, please leave a mature, decent comment. Merci tres beacoup. Umm... how shall I start? Oh well, just let it snowball.

Firstly, don't let yourself sink too low, just be yourself. And don't compromise anything big just for the sake of the guy. We like a girl who speaks their mind. Well, I do. Anyway, for example, you wear a tudung but the guy likes girls without tudung. If you want to keep wearing it, let him know. It's all about communication. Also, I notice that many girls complain that the guy doesn't make a first move. Please don't just go ahead and say he's cold. It hurts. Sometimes, they're just shy. Another thing, if you don't like to hold hands or for him to put his hand around your waist, SAY IT! If he insists, dump him. Guys, treat girls with respect. Want them for who they are, not just for their looks.

A sense of humor is most definitely important. I mean, let's face it, who wants to be with a zombie? Besides that, us guys want to feel like we mean something. So if you have any problems, don't be afraid to tell us. In fact, if you didn't share any of your problems, we'd feel like you were just toying with us. If you want a shoulder to turn too, we will be there. Just say it.

Independence. That is also an attractive trait. Someone who can stand their ground but is also willing to make small compromises here and there. That is always a plus. Don't be bossy. Be fair. Treat us fairly and we'll treat you even better because you mean the world to us.

As such is human nature; physique is also important. We also like a girl who can look good. But look good here means looking decent. Not dressed like it was your wedding night. Personally, I like soft, natural makeup. But others may like the 'Marilyn Monroe' look. You know, bright red lipstick, etc. So once again you need to find out. Conversations need not be restricted to only a handful of topics or be about only the two of you. Chat about WHATEVER you want. Just don't start discussing about kids.

That brings me to my next topic, don't be afraid to ask us what we like. When you ask, we like it because it shows that our care is being reciprocated. Returned, for those who don't know what it means. And to us, you will always look lovely so don't whip out that compact every 3 seconds or ask to use the ladies every other minute. Just be yourself.

I think that about sums it up. I hope. Guys, if there are any mistakes, a thousand apologies and please leave a comment. Merci tres beaucoup

Twilight Premiere

Today is the 27th of November 2008. A historical date for many MANY girls all over Malaysia. Today, Twilight, the movie starring the oh so dreamy Edward Cullen premieres in theaters nationwide. I don't doubt that the theater halls showing Twilight have been fully booked.

I'm considering buying the novel this Sunday just to see for myself how good it is. Even my girl is complaining I'm going to read it before her. Is it really that good? It must be. Anyway, enjoy the movie girls. Wonder if any of the girls are going to pass out. Hope not. It would be messy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guys! Pay Attention!

Before I start, I simply have to say something; a thousand thank yous to QM & Rory for their insightful explanation on why girls go head over heels for Edward Cullen. Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get started, shall we?

Guys, now you know what it takes to make a girl melt, melt them. Grow some balls. Treat them with respect. Don't ever EVER treat them as an equal; treat them like they meant the world to you. It goes more than just holding the door open for them. You have to respect them. Don't go all mushy. Yes, you have to say how you feel but don't go overboard. Study what Edward says and how he says it. But never NEVER take one of his quotes if the object of your affection is a die hard fan of the Twilight Saga. You'll be dumped in a heartbeat. Unless you state you're quoting from Edward. If you are, it will help. But something personal is always better.

Girls also like a guy who is creative. For example; when proposing, don't you dare SMS. Turn off that phone! Ask her face to face. And make it memorable for crying out loud. It's not that difficult. This small change in technique will help you. You also have to listen to what she says. Especially to things that concern her interest, well-being and well... just listen to every goddamn thing she says.

And be romantic. If the girl likes beautiful sentences, step it up a notch. Write her a song if she has a thing for musicians or if you're a lyricist. If you're really good, write and serenade her song to her. Poems if that's what you're good at. Eitherwise, excellently crafted sentences will have to do. But if you're really out of ideas, a love poem or a quote from Romeo & Juliet will just have to do. And don't go overboard here either. Don't just compliment her physical attributes, as stunning as it may be. You have to look at a girl as another person. She has a personality, intelligence, sense of humor. Also pay attention to what she does under certain situations. Take note and be sure to mention it in your compliments. It'll help because it'll show that your attention is her and on her alone.

Despite this, don't be a yes-man. Be firm but not strict. And you have to be ready to make compromises here and there. In turn, she will do the same. Besides, playful argument spices up any relationship. Hehe.

Now a footnote for the girls;
Please comment if I made any mistakes in any of the statements above. I will correct them. Merci tres beaucoup.

Tag! I'm It

1. The person who tagged you is?

2. Your relationship with her/him is?

3. Your five impressions of her/him?
-Smart, Passionate, Wacky, Caring, Likes design.

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you?
-Paparazzi shot?

5. The most memorable thing she/he had said to you?
-Can't recall. Sorry, Reyy.

6. If she/he became your lover you will?
-Get murdered by my girl.

7. If she/he became your lover, a thing she/he has to improve on will be?
-Nothing. I don't like people changing just for me. Unless it'll help them more than it'll help me.

8. If she/he became your enemy, you will?
-Go on with my life.

9. If she/he became your enemy, the reason will be?
-I don't know. We don't know each other well enough for that to happen.

10. The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is?
-Umm... nothing really.

11. Your overall impression of her/him is?
-Nice girl.

12. How do you think people around you feel about you?
-When will I shut up?

13. The character you love of yourself is?
-I'm unique.

14. On the contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
-Vanity .

15. The most ideal person you want to be is?
-To be there to make sure my girl doesn't get hurt.

16. To people that care about and like you, say something.
-Thanks. Don't ever backstab me or you'll regret it.

17. Pass this quiz to 10 people whom you wish to know how they feel about you.
5)Weii Syuen
7)Liyana (doesn't have a blog. haha)
9)Zain (no blog either)

18. Who is no. 6 having a relationship with?
-I think she's still single.

19. Is no. 9 male or female?

20. If no. 7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
-NO! I couldn't bear to live without no. 7.

21. What is no. 2 studying?

22. When was the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
-2 or 3 nights back.

23. What genre of music does no. 8 like?
-Any genre as long as it's by MUSE.

24. Does no. 1 have any siblings?

25. Would you ever woo no. 3?
-No. I'm straight. Sorry, Faiz.

26. How about no. 7?

27. Is no. 4 single?
-I think so.

28. What is the surname of no. 5?
-Yeoh Weii Syuen .

29. What’s the hobby of no. 10?
-Playing bass.

30. Does no. 5 and 9 get along well?

31.Where is no. 2 studying at?
-SMK Bkt. Jelutong.

32. Say something casual about no. 1?
-My cuz, future CEO of her own super-hot fashion house.

33. Have you ever tried developing feelings for no. 6?

34. Where does no. 9 live?
-On the same row as my old house.

35. What colour does no. 4 like?
-I have no idea.

36. Are no. 5 and 1 best friends?
-They don't even know each other.

37. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world?
-Hell yeah!

Ho-hum? Jeez, I Can't Even Write a Proper Title

It's already late-November and I can't go anywhere for a vacation because my mom's in Canada 'till 21st Dec. That's like 4 days before Christmas! What am I supposed to do until then? But at least my mom will be around when I get my PMR results. I hope. Hey, anyone know when the results are coming out?

On different note, I'm SO bored. I have completely run out of ideas on how to spend the school holidays. I've tried so many things but somehow I lose interest in them very quickly. My bro is catching on Sudoku. I never liked that game. I've always found myself losing interest very quickly. Maybe I'll do that project I've been thinking of doing; finding a way to transfer all the videos from our old camcorder to the new one and then either burning it onto a CD or saving it on the PC. Wish my dad would let me go on outings with my friends but that's not happening. I envy those who can.

Speaking of envy, has anyone ever watched Seven Sins? It's a thriller starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt about a serial killer who kills people based on their sins. The Bible mentions Seven Sins which are Lust, Greed, Glutton, Envy and uh... well... I can't remember the other three. Sorry. However, I highly recommend watching it. But be warned, there are some VERY graphic scenes but that adds to the thrill.

Anywho, I'm starting to wonder what happened to everyone. The only ones who still seem active in updating their blogs are myself, C's, rory, Syuen & .syazee.. Everyone else I'm following seems to have gone a little quiet. Government conspiracy? 0_o. Haha. Just kidding. But yes, it can be fun to play the paranoid freak every now and again. You know what's even better? You say something outrageous and your friends give you that "are-you-OK-man?" stare but there's a glint in their eyes; giving away their fear that you just might be right. I love that. I can't explain it. Umm... it shows your not entirely insane? I don't know. But you get the point. Hopefully.

Au revoir

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogger Milestone

For me, writing really helps to overcome boredom. But there are the occasions that even when I try to write, I don't know what to write about. I'm sure everyone has gone through this before but uh... erm... well... I don't know what else to say. I want to be able to go to the mall and just hang out with all my friends but unfortunately, I cannot. Plus, I have a 9 year old brother and I have to keep him company.

Suddenly many of the girls are describing what they look for in a guy. My original idea was to spark dissatisfaction among the girls so I can get a straight forward answer on what makes Edward so dreamy. Apparently it triggered a snowball effect. Oh well. It might give me some ideas on what to write about later or something.

Tonight we're eating out because we need to do the groceries. My dad is home early. Wonder why. Oh well, let's not question a good thing, right?

This post is my historic 50th post. Yaaay! I know, despite the title, all that's mentioned is this very short paragraph. Bravo. Oh well, a milestone is a milestone

Au revoir

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dreaming of Edward Cullen, Girls?

Why must you girls dream and idolize Edward Cullen to such an extent? There are some guys who have given up hope on finding a girl 'cause you gals keep comparing us with him. Others have actually started to wish they were Edward Cullen. You girls are going to cause some guys to commit suicide if you keep it up. What is it that makes Eddie so desirable? Is it his quotes? The way Stephanie Meyer describes him? I don't see you talking about the plot. This leads me to assume that the only reason you girls buy the books are for Edward.

How is the plot? OK? The best? Or is it Edward that is the best? I believe it is the last one. Is Edward THAT dreamy? I fear sooner or later some poor soul will commit suicide because his girl demanded him to be exactly like Edward (not me. My girl hasn't read Twilight -- I think) but being merely human, not fictional, he couldn't.

PLEASE! Enlighten me!

Weather, Blabber, Boredom

Its a rainy morning. I hate rainy mornings. They make the whole day gloomy and cold. Either that or the day becomes blistering hot. Bad things always seem to happen on gloomy days. Or at least its severity is amplified. We lost another koi today. A family favorite. It was white all over and had only two orange spots -- uncommon for a koi to have such little pattern. A real beauty. That was the only koi we buried because that one was a special one. The burial was quick. My mom will be horrified to learn that we had hacked away at her grass.

To make things worse, I'm out of ideas on how to spend the holidays. Mama is coming back from Canada in about 4 weeks time. By then it'll be the end of the school holidays. I will have gotten my PMR results. Hopefully I can get 8As. I'm really nervous about my Geography, Agama and B. Melayu. I'm going nuts without anyone to talk to. Good thing this afternoon I'm cycling down to D'Pangkin to have a drink with Michael. He's jogging so I guess we'll have to sit there. Oh well, at least I get to see a familiar face.

Back to the weather; thankfully the day is shady-er. It isn't THAT shady. And its still hot. God, I miss the feeling around her. Sometimes I wonder how I made it from day to day without her. I seem to have forgotten. And no, I wasn't looking for anyone special at the time, but hey, whad'ya know? I've noticed that some guys have trouble proposing to the object of their affection. Girls, what ares your opinions on this? Guys, what do you have to say to defend yourselves?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Innocent Sunday

Today started out a little hurried. I woke up at 10:30 and we were supposed to clean the pond. Thankfully though, the day wasn't that hot. At least not at the pond. We had an old dustbin which we once used as a garbage bin in our old neighborhood in Damansara. My dad wanted to completely dry the pond for the first time since it was so green. So we took out the dustbin and filled it with water and loaded in the fish. It seemed to go OK while we were drying the pond.

But then, one of the fishes started to go belly up. It was still breathing but belly up. My dad was surprised but we didn't do anything as that particular one had been sick for sometime now. It died before we emptied it. I felt kind of sad. The little guy was from the first batch we bought but never really grew. While we were filling up the pond, we noticed that another one was starting to swim sideways. It was one of the Tigers (the new batch) so we slowly started to pour them out. After much prompting, the fish seemed to be recovering. He could move his head sideways and his tail again. We were relieved as he seemed to be recovering.

After a very late lunch at 4 o'clock and a shower (finally), we went out to buy some stuff from the hardware store and some bananas to make a banana split. Then we scooted over to our old house in Jalan Adang to replace one of the toilet pipes as the new tenant was moving in. We got home around 6:35. My bro told us he wanted to check on the fish that was swimming sideways. When he got there, he immediately shouted for us to come. One of the big koi from the old batch and another of the Tigers were dead. The 1st Tiger to fall ill was still struggling. He joined them shortly afterwards.

I was very upset as we had lost 4 fish in one day. I liked to play with the big one and sometimes, the Tigers would come nibbling at my fingers... What started out as an innocent Sunday to clean the pond, turned into a massacre...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

the Gardens

Today I went to the Gardens at Mid Valley with my dad and bro. We parked in the Gardens but crossed over (no, we didn't die) via the underpass because we had booked tickets to watch Madagascar 2. I have to agree with Dayana; it doesn't stack up to the first one. Mainly because the element of surprise is no longer there. It's still a good movie, just not a great one.

Anyway, back to the story; after that we went down a floor and browsed through the laptops in the Hewlett Packard store and decided to take a peek in Machines. I was a bit dissapointed in what the MacBooks and iPods had to offer. It wasn't that great. Sorry, Apple fans. But then, I'm not really a design guy. I mostly do patterns and I do it on my whiteboard. Anywho, I was finally able to see and touch the HP Mini 1000. It rocks! Previously, I was interested in the Sony Vaio CR but after comparing, I've opted for the HP Mini 1000. The HP costs a cool RM1,699 while the Vaio costs a pocket-incinerating 5 grand. There are cheaper but models but they don't look that great and besides; I'm already sold by the HP Mini 1000. Plus, HP is a more reliable computer company and the Mini 1000 is much smaller too. I finally got Necropolis; the fourth installment in The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz.

Then we hopped back over to the Gardens. Subway is coming to the Gardens! Yaay! We browsed a bit in Robinson's. The stuff there are pretty neat. I think I'll do some shopping there once the Savings Sale starts. My dad just subscribed as their card member anyways. Yes, I love to shop. Though 80-90% of the time, I only end up browsing but if I had the chance, I'd shop like crazy too. Watch out girls, you gals aren't alone in the world of shopaholics. Us guys don't want be left out either. Muahaha. Back to the story (again); after Robinson's, we grabbed a quick bite at Baskin' Robins. I had my first parfait. It was delicious! We stopped by Cold Storage on the way back to stock up on snacks since the school holidays have started and both my bro and I are snack monsters. Well, me actually but my bro doesn't complain.

The ambiance and environment at the Gardens has always appealed to me. Mainly because its serene and despite only being across the street from the hustle and bustle of Mid Valley; its much MUCH more relaxing. Its quiet and there aren't many people so when you're browsing through the clothes, you don't have to worry about assholes cutting queue, or that there aren't enough changing rooms, etc. It feels kind of homely actually.

Anyway, I've only been reading my new book for about an hour and I'm already on page 56. Wow. I might finish it with total time spent reading clocking in under 24 hours. Again. I seem to be doing this with most of my novels. Particularly those in the Power of Five series.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What I Want

I'm so bored. Hoorah. What a way to start your post. That'll discourage everyone from reading any further. Bravo, Aqil. Nicely done; very smooth. Well, now that I've started writing, I might as well get on with it.

Pardon me about the previous paragraph; I was 'expressing' myself. You remember that post I published some time back; "Things I Want to Do Now That PMR is Over"? Yeah, well, scrap what I said there.

What I really REALLY want to be able to be able to go to a beach at night and just relax. Listen to the waves. Hearing Sway by Michael Bublé in the distance. Sitting there, sipping a Pina Cholada, with her. I would be reciting -- or rather whispering -- a poem in her ear. Something I wrote. She'd be blushing furiously. Then we slow dance under the stars and a full moon.

I know I'm probably out of touch with reality but hey, most of you girls are probably dreaming about Yamada Ryosuke or Edward Cullen. Weii Syuen, you were very right; I am romantic to my girl. Thank you for pointing that out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PMR Wishlist

I'm so bored I'm running out of ideas on how to spend the holidays. So I've decided to put down a list of things I want for getting 8As;
  1. HP Mini 1000 sub-compact notebook. The Vivienne Tam Edition passed off as a clutch at a fashion show. It's that small. It rocks! Here's the link;
  2. Boutique leather jacket. Yes, I also like one-off products (occasionally). Why leather? 'Cause it looks cool.
  3. Dockers™ jacket. Alternative to the leather. This one costs RM200 cheaper.
  4. 'French for Dummies' book

Only 4 items. Somehow I imagined I would want more. Guess not. Oh well. I'm happy as it is. Total price? I'm too scared to put it down. heheh... Fine, fine, fine, I'll put it. Gotta prove I did my homework...
- With leather jacket; RM2,259++
- With Dockers™ jacket; RM2,059++
- Without jackets; RM1,750++
Amazing how much a single article of clothing can jack up the price...

Got Tagged...

1. What's your ambition?
- Still working on that. But hopefully in the field of Aeronautics & Astronautics

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
- My girl.

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
- Never crossed my mind. More than a couple dozen times.

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
- Without a doubt.

5. How many babies do you want?
- 2. I prefer small families.

6. What is your goal for this year?
- Get 8A's. Then everything else that I want will come.

7. Do you believe in eternal love?
- In adolescence, that's a rarity. As an adult, the chances are there, to say the least.

8. In your opinion, what are the characteristics of the perfect boy/girlfriend? (10 characteristics)
- Romantic.
- Humorous.
- A thinker.
- Understanding.
- Trustworthy.
- Not afraid of commitment.
- Speaks their mind.
- Mature.
- A looker.
- Likes children.

9. What feeling do you love most?
- The feeling of being around her.

10. What is your bad habit?
- Chatterbox, straying off topic in discussions & being a dictionary. Wait, was there only supposed to be one habit? Really? My bad.

11. Is there anything you want to tell people who hate you?
- No. It's because they're jealous of what I have. Her.

12. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
- Only those that didn't turn sour.

13. What does flying mean to you?
- Freedom & enjoying myself.

14. What do you crave most at the moment?
- A nice warm cup of flat white. With my girl.

15. Who do you think is hotter? Chace Crawford or Kevin Peaker?
- None. A flame is much hotter.

16. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
- My cousin, future CEO of her own fashion house.

17. What would you really like to do right now?
- Turn back time to the Malacca field trip on Nov. 14th.

18. What will you become in the next 10 years?
- Great father, loving husband, a somebody (with a Ph.D) in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics

19. Coffee or tea?
- Coffee

20. What's the best gift your best friend or boy/girlfriend ever got you? And who gave it?
- A simple, plain, 4 ringgit rectangular orange resin pendant from Malacca on 14th November. It was from my girl.


Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

Tagged :
- Syazwan
- Dayana
- Weii Syuen
- Faiz
- Reysha
- Myrra
- QMcullen

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School Holidays

Well, the school holidays are already in full swing. Naturally for many of us teenagers, boredom settles in. I guess despite being the generation, we still have the need to interact face to face with people we know. Specifically, our friends. Ironic, huh? I envy those who have the privilege to hang out with their friends at malls and such. Enjoy it.

The first 2 days after I got back from the Malacca field trip, I didn't feel like myself. It was as though I left something behind. You guys (and gals) know what I mean? Never mind if you don't. I feel much better now. No violent tendencies or contemplating suicide, don't worry. I've never been much of a socialite so I don't miss my friends as much as I miss her. The epitome of joy is only truly achieved once you share something special with someone special. And no, that something special isn't a kid. Not yet. Not until the knot is tied. Hehe. Syazwan, I think you have some idea of what I'm going through...

Hopefully tomorrow we'll go swimming. I really want to be able to do my laps again. Need to assess how much damage was done by about 11 months of not swimming. Maybe I'll start working out, now that I have a lot of free time on my hands. Writing like this really helps me.

Au revoir jusqu'à la fois prochaine (good bye till next time)