Sunday, October 28, 2012

Playing Catch-up...

The last time I blogged was before my birthday. Wow. So much has happened in that time span.  My cousin, Hamid, got married, I raced the Desaru International Triathlon, did the Salomon X-Trail Run, went to Legoland, I coordinated a two-day Halloween bazaar, & last but not least, Hari Raya.

Was kind of surprised when Hamid popped the news about getting married. Was so happy for him.  My family is very close to him & his siblings so we were more than happy to help out in anyway we could.  We all bunked out at a homestay in Pasir Gudang, his new wife's hometown.  After the wedding, we went to JPO! Muahahaha. JPO stands for Johor Premier Outlets and is basically a shopping mall selling high-end stuff for cheap.  Well, mostly.  Long story short, I got a Adidas AdiZero jacket! :D Akid got a running kit, Abah got a track jacket & pants combo for cheap, & Mama... well, Mama bought a lot.  O-O She got the previous generation F50 AdiZero running shoes + two matching kits (one for her new AdiZero, the other for her ClimaCools).  Whew.  Hehehe!  We got all that for less than RM700, I think.

We swung by JPO again on the way to Desaru & I got myself a running kit.  Wanted to get a pair of F50 AdiZero shoes for about 100 bucks but they didn't have my size. :(  Back to the triathlon bit; Desaru supposedly is one of the tough-er triathlon races in Malaysia due to the waves. Sure enough, the sea was rough. But I was able to perform & am happy that my mom insisted I give it a shot. :D  Got 33rd! Doesn't sound like much, I know but I'm happy because I'm only in my first year of triathlon & I've been going against seasoned athletes, national athletes as well as sponsored pros. As icing on the cake, I was able to hold my pace despite a minor foot injury.

Hmm... Consistently in the top 40 at every triathlon so far. I'm happy. :D

Salomon was fun! Was expecting more like actual trails. Instead, it was basically fire roads. Ah well.  Despite that, I had underestimated the difficulty of the run.  An amateur mistake I should not have done.  Then again, I had spent the whole week nursing that minor foot injury I had picked up literally hours before flag off for Desaru.

Legoland! :D What can I say? So much fun! There was a counter for lost parents. Hehe! It's still new, though so a couple of things for them to improve on. All in all, a good start. I heard when Universal Studios first opened, many rides weren't available. O-O At least in Legoland that day only ONE ride was closed for maintenance.  Got a mini figurine! :D Was thinking about getting a keychain but it's 20 bucks... :\ I would wait another 3-5 years perhaps before going back.  I know it sounds like a long time but I want to give it time to 'grow' in a way.  :)

The Halloween bazaar was hectic! Being the head-coordinator AND Communications Director was a lot of work. :\  The night before the bazaar, I slept at 4 trying to finish my assignments.  The morning of day 2, I woke up sick. Ugh.  Still recovering but waaay better than I was on Thursday.

I think that's all for now.

Au revoir.