Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh Canada!

Life has been quite a whirlwind.  It only seems like last yesterday I was shopping for my family but in fact, I'm already into my 3rd week of classes.  Damn.  Time flies.

So far, things have been smooth sailing.  A few learning curves (ie door to the laundry room needs a good shove to open) but nothing I couldn't figure out.  My dorm room is tiny (quite likely it's 11 or 12 feet by about 7-7.5 or 8 feet) BUT I do get a very nice view.  Plus, it's a single room and everyone on this floor is generally quiet so I can't complain. :)  Things here settle down early compared to Malaysia.  In Malaysia, 'normal' shops like convenience shops, restaurants, etc are open until 10-11 or so.  Here, most shops close down by 9, a number even close by 5!  The people are super nice too.

I would've published a post earlier but I've been so busy chasing assignments. :\  Even now, I should really be getting back to my assignments. :(

Been super busy. Urgh.  Sigh.  Such is the life of a college student.  It's been so much fun so far, though.  My past assignment felt super hard but despite missing out a couple of questions, I do feel good because I know that I had given it my best.  It really does make a difference, giving it your best.  Some of my friends & I were surprised how not bummed we were about those two questions.

Despite chasing assignments, I DID have the opportunity to do some walking about, especially the week before class started.  I'm really liking Halifax.  It's a really beautiful city.  Can't wait for fall to get into full-swing. :D Lue said the east coast gets the prettiest falls so I'm definitely excited about that.  Some time in late September/early October there will be an apple-picking field trip for the international students.  Definitely going for that one.  Need to buy tickets AND get that tax filing thingy done.  Students (not sure if just international or all students) are categorized as being below a certain level of income so are eligible get tax cuts.  The taxes here can get a bit incredulous at times.

My birthday was quite eventful. :D It was a one-class day so that helped free up my day.  Hehe!  As I dropped my bag off at my room, my smoke detector went off. -,- Had to call the Gerard Hall front desk (I live in O'Brien Hall but we're under Gerard Hall) to get someone to come take a look.  They had to replace the unit so it looks a tad whiter than the base.  After that, went out for a ride in Point Pleasant Park.  Very pretty place.  Didn't get to fully explore the park but it was nice to get out into nature again.  After that, dinner at Mezza's in downtown.  Their lamb kafta burgers and donair burgers are... are... *drools*

What was I saying?  Oh right, Mezza's... *drools*

Ok, Ok, back on track.  Mezza's is really nice but it's infinitely better during the day.  Not just in terms of the quality of the food, but the little things like providing disposable cutlery instead of the metal ones they do during the day, slightly nicer staff, etc.  But generally, nothing that would prevent me from going back.  Hmm.  Given their price compared to fish and chips, I might as well go there next time I miss dinner at the food hall...

Anyway, back to my assignments before getting some shut eye.  Need to do some exercise tomorrow or I'm going to be cranky the rest of the week.

Au revoir.