Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Listening Fiasco

1 minute into the lady's speech & I can't stand it anymore. Miss Bawani's tone may have sounded 'heated' but as a debator, I call that passionate. I call that conviction.  Based on her content, I call that prepared. Most of all, I call that, having a stand.  Yes, Ms. Sharifah also has a stand but I do not feel that her responses are appropriate nor within the nature of a debate.

I personally find the response "then go to those countries" a coward's response. Why? Because the reason many have not done just that is because we/they are unable to.  Others on the other hand, have decided "NO! I will stay, and I will improve this beloved country of mine!" Tunku Abdul Rahman was one such man.  Tun Dr. Mahathir was one such man.  Miss Bawani is one such lady. I find that a sign of patriotism.  Wanting to see the country prosper.  Yet, they are shot down.  Broken & trained to live within the four sides of a box.  To be born, follow orders, and die.  This is not how progress is made!

If we are "happy where we are" we will stagnate.  Our economy will not grow, our society will not grow. If our founding father's had opted to move countries instead (which they could have), we would not have tasted freedom.  If all our previous leaders were "happy where we are", we would not have the third tallest tower in the world, we would not have the world's tallest twin towers, we would not have world class events, we would not be where our country is today.

Regarding respect mentioned by Miss Sharifah, yes, she is older.  That may not necessarily mean however, that she is wiser.  I am not shy to admit I have been bested on more than one occasion by those younger than myself.  Miss Bawani did give her the respect by shaking Miss Sharifah's hand and staying put as Miss Sharifah proceeded to make a fool of herself.  Ms. Sharifah herself showed the lack of respect by saying I do not have to answer your questions.  If you truly are wiser, you will not get heated.  You will have words of wisdom.  You will be calm, collected, maybe even chuckling in reminiscence of the naivety of the young lady before you, as you were once similarly naive and passionate.

By choosing to even mention "I do not have to answer your questions" and by bringing up irrelevant matters such as blindly obeying our elders because they are older, Miss Sharifah has by my definition, displayed a lack of respect and wisdom.

True, it is perhaps easier to say it here where few will judge & I am free to voice myself with no interruptions and that may be my naivety.  However, I hope if asked similar questions as Miss Sharifah, I will be able to answer them more calmly, more wisely, and most of all, with more relevance to the topic(s) at hand.

She said we must know democracy.  Is democracy not choosing a leader who inspires you?  Who is trustworthy?  Who understands the plight of the people & will take action to alleviate such plights?  Now, how can this politician know of our plights?  Simple.  We tell them.  If, however, such attempts are stemmed and gunned down, how can our politicians know how to act and what to act upon?  More fundamentally however, how can democracy work efficiently?  I am not a political science student and my understanding of such workings may be off.  These are merely my views and partly based upon my assumptions regarding these topics. :)

I must admit, for a somewhat politically charged post, this is the calmest one I've written; in a sense that I do not feel the blood boiling in my veins, I do not feel as though some drastic and harsh action must be taken swiftly.

Instead I feel pity.  Pity that a 'lady of education' such as Miss Sharifah had -- in my opinion -- proven herself otherwise. Yet, she believes it was Miss Bawani who had proved herself uneducated.  There is nothing but pity, and disgust in my heart.

There is more I want to say regarding the students who cheered, Miss Sharifah's rant about animals.  However I dare not for I do not know what transpired prior to Miss Bawani taking the mic, as well as because I feel that the childish statements are irrelevant to the issue brought up by Miss Bawani.

For those of you curious to see the video for yourselves, clickity click here.

Do comment below about your views on the subject.  In fact, if any of you agree with Miss Sharifah's statements, please comment.  I would like to know your opinions on what transpired. :)  It is usually enlightening to hear both sides of the tale.  Do try & keep your comment objective, though.

Au revoir for now.