Monday, December 2, 2013

They Want to Break Me. I'll Prove Myself Unbreakable.

FINALS IN 3 DAYS! My first semester has almost literally flown by.  I'm not ready for finals.  I feel too spread out.  This is ridiculous.  I have 5 courses.  One of those is broken into 3 separate classes.  How am I supposed to achieve a good grade like this?  Chemistry is going to REALLY drag down my grades again.  I hate Chemistry.  I know what I want to do; design and analysis.  Mechanical Engineering.  It's all math and physics.  That's what I want to do. I don't want to have anything to do with molecular mass or all that.

Sigh.  2 of my new friends are already dropping out of Engineering.  It IS a tough course here...  They literally aim to get half the students out by year 3.  I'm not exaggerating.  HALF the students enrolled in the engineering course are NOT going to get past year 2.

I need to aim as high as I can and work as hard as I can.  Insyaallah I will get there.  Never EVER give up Aqil, no matter the pressure.  They want to break you.  Prove yourself unbreakable.  I WILL get to build my own bikes someday.  This is the way to go.

Ok Aqil, back to work.  Let's wrap up that Physics CAPA.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh Canada!

Life has been quite a whirlwind.  It only seems like last yesterday I was shopping for my family but in fact, I'm already into my 3rd week of classes.  Damn.  Time flies.

So far, things have been smooth sailing.  A few learning curves (ie door to the laundry room needs a good shove to open) but nothing I couldn't figure out.  My dorm room is tiny (quite likely it's 11 or 12 feet by about 7-7.5 or 8 feet) BUT I do get a very nice view.  Plus, it's a single room and everyone on this floor is generally quiet so I can't complain. :)  Things here settle down early compared to Malaysia.  In Malaysia, 'normal' shops like convenience shops, restaurants, etc are open until 10-11 or so.  Here, most shops close down by 9, a number even close by 5!  The people are super nice too.

I would've published a post earlier but I've been so busy chasing assignments. :\  Even now, I should really be getting back to my assignments. :(

Been super busy. Urgh.  Sigh.  Such is the life of a college student.  It's been so much fun so far, though.  My past assignment felt super hard but despite missing out a couple of questions, I do feel good because I know that I had given it my best.  It really does make a difference, giving it your best.  Some of my friends & I were surprised how not bummed we were about those two questions.

Despite chasing assignments, I DID have the opportunity to do some walking about, especially the week before class started.  I'm really liking Halifax.  It's a really beautiful city.  Can't wait for fall to get into full-swing. :D Lue said the east coast gets the prettiest falls so I'm definitely excited about that.  Some time in late September/early October there will be an apple-picking field trip for the international students.  Definitely going for that one.  Need to buy tickets AND get that tax filing thingy done.  Students (not sure if just international or all students) are categorized as being below a certain level of income so are eligible get tax cuts.  The taxes here can get a bit incredulous at times.

My birthday was quite eventful. :D It was a one-class day so that helped free up my day.  Hehe!  As I dropped my bag off at my room, my smoke detector went off. -,- Had to call the Gerard Hall front desk (I live in O'Brien Hall but we're under Gerard Hall) to get someone to come take a look.  They had to replace the unit so it looks a tad whiter than the base.  After that, went out for a ride in Point Pleasant Park.  Very pretty place.  Didn't get to fully explore the park but it was nice to get out into nature again.  After that, dinner at Mezza's in downtown.  Their lamb kafta burgers and donair burgers are... are... *drools*

What was I saying?  Oh right, Mezza's... *drools*

Ok, Ok, back on track.  Mezza's is really nice but it's infinitely better during the day.  Not just in terms of the quality of the food, but the little things like providing disposable cutlery instead of the metal ones they do during the day, slightly nicer staff, etc.  But generally, nothing that would prevent me from going back.  Hmm.  Given their price compared to fish and chips, I might as well go there next time I miss dinner at the food hall...

Anyway, back to my assignments before getting some shut eye.  Need to do some exercise tomorrow or I'm going to be cranky the rest of the week.

Au revoir.

Friday, June 28, 2013

One day, I will build up my dream bike. It's going to cost me more than 30,000 ringgit but I will. It may not be next month, next year, or even the next 5 years but mark my words I will build up my dream bike.

And finish an Ironman. Definitely.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Wow, I'm amazed at how far back my last post was. O-O Damn. Anyway, XTerra has come & gone, & it was one heck of a blast.  Little brother got 2nd in the Sprint. So proud of him.

As promised by my mom, he got a new bike. He got a 2012 Specialized Tarmac SL3 with full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, with an FSA crankset instead, Fulcrum wheelset, & in-house components. He swapped out the seatpost with an S-Works because the stock seatpost was too short. Yes, too short. He's a tall kid.

Anyway, I got accepted into Dalhousie! Woohoo! Alhamdulillah. Lue won't be too happy about that, though. She was hoping I'd get into Guelph or Queen's, which is much much closer to her place.  All that's left now is to finish up the Visa application, as well as send out the course outlines and final transcript for credit transfer evaluation.  Need to make an inquiry to find out where exactly the document should go.

After that, to register for classes & buy my flight ticket.  Wow.  So close to flying off. Well, 2 months but if the past 6 months were an indication it'll zip by. :\

One thing I am looking forward to in Canada is a new bicycle. Muahaha.  Realistically, I'm looking at a secondhand cyclocross bicyle.  If I have the money however, I would most certainly like to get myself a Santa Cruz Tallboy or maybe a Superlight 29.  The Blur XC is also a very nice bike.  Heh heh. We'll see.

I've applied for a place in O'Brien Hall. Hopefully I'll get it. They have a bike room which sounds cool. I'll most likely be getting that bike after orientation so I'll be able to find out what exactly is the bike room.  If it is a bicycle parking room that would be so so sweet. :D

Excited, nervous, stressed out, scared, hyper, happy, & sad that I'm going to Canada all at once. Geez. Now I know how all (if not, most) of my friends must've felt before they flew off. You know what I wonder? I wonder how many people are going to show up at the airport... I kinda want a small group of people I truly truly hold dear so I can really say my goodbyes but at the same time, the number of said people is not that small. Heh heh. Ah well.

Wow, didn't know I could type that much on my phone's Qwerty keyboard. & from the looks of it, with fewer errors than if I typed on my laptop... o_O

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

In light of the impending elections, many are tired of BN and are calling for a change of government.  To my friends who can vote, take a moment to think whether the options truly are better than BN.

I am not saying BN is good and squeaky clean, nor am I trying to shove my ideology down your throat.  But take a moment to read up, think, listen to ALL sides (pro-Bn, pro-Opp, & neutrals).  Listen to their arguments.  Research whether the claims are true or smear campaigns (they are so rampant these days), whether their arguments hold water, and then re-evaluate whether a change in government really is in the interest of the people.  If it is, then by all means, vote for it. :)

Remember; there is no such thing as a clean politician.

I personally have heard very few complaints against the Opposition and that scares me.  It scares me because I do not know their lies.  It scares me because the people may have been blinded by their frustration with BN, and as a result, blindly follow the Opposition.  What if, just what if, history repeats itself.  Is the Opposition a reincarnation of the MPAJA wherein it is still a better option than suffering at the hands of the Japanese?  Or are the Opposition actually the Japanese who invaded Malaya?  Whispering sweet nothings to win our hearts only to later rule with a cruelty that still sends shivers down our spines?

I have heard many many complaints (let's just call them complaints for the sake of simplicity) about BN, & I'm OK with that.  Because I know they're corrupt.  Because they know that they're being watched and that they must tread carefully.  It is good because exposing all those lies means we have them by the balls.  What of the Opposition?  Are they truly good?  Or are they good at hiding their lies?

One thing that bothers me is that few people question at what cost will we get our wants?  Some of the things the people want is free education. the Opposition promises this to the people.  I say nay!  If we get free education, we cannot complain if we get shitty education.  The government is very likely to play the we-gave-you-free-education-how-dare-you-complain card.  The people want cheaper fuels.  The Opposition promises cheaper fuels.  Will that not only make the problem of illegally smuggling & selling fuel more rampant?  Will it not also potentially increase the national debt?  When fuel prices in Malaysia 'drop', it's because the government is footing the bill.  I've seen complaints that our country's debt is sky high.  How will dropping fuel prices, thereby increasing the government's spending, reduce our debt?

Other matters such as the LGBT float around in my mind.  The Opposition is made up of PR, DAP, and PAS.  PR and DAP may make motions to protect the rights of the LGBT community in Malaysia.  PAS on the other hand is a conservative party and will not allow it as LGBTs go against the teachings of Islam.  Which will prevail?  Will it not cause internal strife?  How does that then bode for the people?

I do not say that BN is better, not at all.  I am merely asking; is the Opposition truly what it is cut out to be?  If they are, then by all means, power to the Opposition! But if things are not a bed of roses (which is the more likely of the two) is the Opposition truly a better choice?

These are my own opinions.  Do comment and share your own views and opinions. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Terrorists Represent Muslims as Much as the KKK Represent the Whites

This is my answer to a question my friend posted on Facebook.  His question was, "What say you guys?  Please, I want to hear a mature point of view from you guys," and pertains to an article published by The Independent.  Do read the article first. :)

First of all, I strongly oppose gender segregation.  In developed countries like Malaysia and the UK, I think it achieves little.  What is the couple going to do?  Have sex right on the floor?  Not likely.  & if the girl is being harassed by a member of the audience, she need only ask for help and that particular member of the audience would be promptly escorted out.

The university's move to ban the group, quite frankly, is acceptable.  The group was formed with the university's permission.  It is understood that the university does not tolerate segregation in any form and it was made clear to the group organizing the debate.  Yet, they chose to ignore the university's policy.  There is a saying in Bahasa; di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung.  It's English equivalent is when in Rome, act like the Romans.  Basically, when you are in another person's place, you must respect their wishes and customs.  Note that respect does not mean follow blindly. :)

Furthermore, the topic is "Islam and Atheism: Which Makes More Sense".  Honestly, if I was lost man, looking for something to put my faith in, given that display of chauvinism and discrimination, I would opt for Atheism.  I would ask "Why should I believe in something that claims to preach equal rights, yet do the exact opposite by only allowing male members to be seated closer to the stage?"

This is exactly the problem with certain MUSLIMS. Islam is fine. Leave it out of the equation.  Islamophobia? Muslimophobia is more accurate.  This snafu of trying to segregate male & female is not helping the improve the impression of Islam to those who needlessly are needlessly fearful & skeptical about Islam.  People know that the KKK are not an accurate representation of Christians.  Partly because Christianity is so well known that people know that they're only a small group who are not straight in the head.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Islam.  It is not nearly as well known in the mainstream media & as such, when a group of them come shouting "JIHAD!! FOR ALLAH!! I AM A MUSLIM" and then blow themselves up on a bus full of innocent bystanders, people are going to automatically assume that all Muslims are like that.

As a Muslim, we need to be proving all these misconceptions wrong!  Not correct.  When the film came out depicting Muslims as violent, what did many Muslims do? Prove the film correct.

So how do you prove all these misconceptions wrong?  If you must, have segregated seating side by side.  This way, men and women get equal opportunity to listen, learn, and ask.  For those who hold strongly to segregated seating, they still get to sit away from the opposite gender.  Regarding the film, have a silent vigil, praying that the man sees the light.  Send letters expressing regret that he perceives Islam as it is, not hate mail condemning him and saying he is wrong.  

I grew up learning that Islam is beautiful, understanding, all encompassing, but most importantly, INDISCRIMINATE.  African, Russian, British, Irish, Iroquois, Navajo, Mongolian, Maori, Thai, Japanese, Korean, all are welcome.

It truly breaks my heart to see these fools reinforce the perception that Islam is cold, bitter, cruel, chauvinistic, and violent.

Stop you fools! Stop! This is not Jihad! This is madness! Jihad is the ability to fight your anger and treat your enemies with wisdom and patience.  Jihad means to fight for Islam, yes but how that fight takes place is what is important.  Not all Jihad is about taking up arms.  Fighting laziness to perform the solat 5 times a day is Jihad.  Resisting the urge to engage in pre marital coitus and instead waiting to be legally married is Jihad.  Jihad is fighting against all your imperfections to be a better Muslim, practicing all that the Almighty had taught us through our prophet, Muhammad PBUH.

I am not a pious Muslim.  I do not even consider myself a good Muslim.  I do however, hope that I am not a bad Muslim.

My friend who asked the question posted earlier, I certainly my message is not lost in translation as you read this. :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bike Build

So I'm basically bored out of my mind right now. One thing I've managed to do is more or less breakdown my habit of getting 'sets' when it comes to components, and lockdown a build which gets me drooling.

Previously, I had the habit of getting sets. For example, if a brand had a line or collection that included handlebars, seatpost, stem, & wheels, I would list that collection as part of my 'dream build' even though I only liked the wheelsets

I did similar things with my music & I'm trying to break the habit by taking ONLY components I LIKE. So here's the list;

  1. Eddy Merckx EMX-525 frameset
  2. Easton EC90 Aero 56mm wheelset
  3. Easton EC90 Aero handlebars
  4. Time Xpresso 12 Titan-Carbon pedals
  5. S-Works Carbon Road crankarms
  6. S-Works SL Carbon spider
  7. S-Works SL chainrings
  8. PRO Vibe stem
  9. PRO Vibe seatpost
  10. Shimano Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 (except crankarms, spider & chainrings)
  11. Easton R4 casette (Shimano 11-speed compatible)
  12. S-Works Toupe saddle
Tada! It's purely out of boredom but generally, here's my dream build. Est. cost; RM40,000++ T^T

Read through & click on the link for pictures if you want. If not, move on. :b  If you do click through, you'll see I absolutely love making lists. I can make endless lists. Lists of movies I like, favorite cars, dream vacations, so on & so forth.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Listening Fiasco

1 minute into the lady's speech & I can't stand it anymore. Miss Bawani's tone may have sounded 'heated' but as a debator, I call that passionate. I call that conviction.  Based on her content, I call that prepared. Most of all, I call that, having a stand.  Yes, Ms. Sharifah also has a stand but I do not feel that her responses are appropriate nor within the nature of a debate.

I personally find the response "then go to those countries" a coward's response. Why? Because the reason many have not done just that is because we/they are unable to.  Others on the other hand, have decided "NO! I will stay, and I will improve this beloved country of mine!" Tunku Abdul Rahman was one such man.  Tun Dr. Mahathir was one such man.  Miss Bawani is one such lady. I find that a sign of patriotism.  Wanting to see the country prosper.  Yet, they are shot down.  Broken & trained to live within the four sides of a box.  To be born, follow orders, and die.  This is not how progress is made!

If we are "happy where we are" we will stagnate.  Our economy will not grow, our society will not grow. If our founding father's had opted to move countries instead (which they could have), we would not have tasted freedom.  If all our previous leaders were "happy where we are", we would not have the third tallest tower in the world, we would not have the world's tallest twin towers, we would not have world class events, we would not be where our country is today.

Regarding respect mentioned by Miss Sharifah, yes, she is older.  That may not necessarily mean however, that she is wiser.  I am not shy to admit I have been bested on more than one occasion by those younger than myself.  Miss Bawani did give her the respect by shaking Miss Sharifah's hand and staying put as Miss Sharifah proceeded to make a fool of herself.  Ms. Sharifah herself showed the lack of respect by saying I do not have to answer your questions.  If you truly are wiser, you will not get heated.  You will have words of wisdom.  You will be calm, collected, maybe even chuckling in reminiscence of the naivety of the young lady before you, as you were once similarly naive and passionate.

By choosing to even mention "I do not have to answer your questions" and by bringing up irrelevant matters such as blindly obeying our elders because they are older, Miss Sharifah has by my definition, displayed a lack of respect and wisdom.

True, it is perhaps easier to say it here where few will judge & I am free to voice myself with no interruptions and that may be my naivety.  However, I hope if asked similar questions as Miss Sharifah, I will be able to answer them more calmly, more wisely, and most of all, with more relevance to the topic(s) at hand.

She said we must know democracy.  Is democracy not choosing a leader who inspires you?  Who is trustworthy?  Who understands the plight of the people & will take action to alleviate such plights?  Now, how can this politician know of our plights?  Simple.  We tell them.  If, however, such attempts are stemmed and gunned down, how can our politicians know how to act and what to act upon?  More fundamentally however, how can democracy work efficiently?  I am not a political science student and my understanding of such workings may be off.  These are merely my views and partly based upon my assumptions regarding these topics. :)

I must admit, for a somewhat politically charged post, this is the calmest one I've written; in a sense that I do not feel the blood boiling in my veins, I do not feel as though some drastic and harsh action must be taken swiftly.

Instead I feel pity.  Pity that a 'lady of education' such as Miss Sharifah had -- in my opinion -- proven herself otherwise. Yet, she believes it was Miss Bawani who had proved herself uneducated.  There is nothing but pity, and disgust in my heart.

There is more I want to say regarding the students who cheered, Miss Sharifah's rant about animals.  However I dare not for I do not know what transpired prior to Miss Bawani taking the mic, as well as because I feel that the childish statements are irrelevant to the issue brought up by Miss Bawani.

For those of you curious to see the video for yourselves, clickity click here.

Do comment below about your views on the subject.  In fact, if any of you agree with Miss Sharifah's statements, please comment.  I would like to know your opinions on what transpired. :)  It is usually enlightening to hear both sides of the tale.  Do try & keep your comment objective, though.

Au revoir for now.