Sunday, January 31, 2010

Awakening the Leader In You

That is the title of the seminar I went to this weekend. It's part of the 5-session thing organized by NST & sponsored by Sime Darby.

Yesterday, the activities were a tad bit boring because the activities were just the group carrying it out and then pasting it up on the wall. No presenting. It was fun, don't get me wrong. It just wasn't the most involving or challenging, that's all.

Today, the activities were less group-based and much more individual participation. We did some personality profiling on ourselves. There were 4 categories; Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. I know some of the names are not so pleasant but that aside, the activity was quite fun. Everyone will get a combination of two personality groups except the following combinations; Sanguine-Melancholy or Melancholy-Sanguine and Choleric-Phlegmatic or Phlegmatic-Choleric

My combination was Sanguine-Choleric.

Sanguines are very talkative, cannot sit still, hyper-active and very fun to be around but sometimes don't know when to stop. While those who are Choleric like to take the lead, very objective in decision-making -- don't let emotion get in the way -- and have a competitive streak. However, they can be bossy and they are often labelled as laser-mouthed or short-tempered. But they cool down real quick. Phlegmatic tend to be rather indecisive and can't say 'no'. But, they are an easy-going bunch who are able to mingle in virtually all types of groups. Those in Melancholy are very much introverts or almost anti-social. And they don't express what they feel. They also tend to be moody. But they are very observant and most great thinkers are of the Melancholy group.

It was an awesome day. Next weekend should be the next session -- unless it gets postponed.

That's all for now. Au revoir.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Wrap-Up of the Week

It's been a while since I blogged. I don't think I've blogged at all this week. Nope, I haven't.

Soo... Hehe. Um. Wow. What's with all the damn one-word sentences. Wait, that last one wasn't. Hehe. Alright. To the actual point.

This week -- on Wednesday, I believe -- we dissected a frog in Biology. Guess that makes me 'eligible' for the AVATAR program. Hehe. In the movie, the main character is asked how much laboratory experience he has and he cheekily replied, "I dissected a frog in high school once."

It was kinda cool. I managed to use the scalpel and all. 5 Epsilon did it the next day, I think. In both classes, there were those who objected against the use of frogs -- or rather the killing of an animal -- for the sake of learning. Though they were a minority. I think.

Besides that, I signed up for debate & public speaking. While Sharanya & QM were going around the school getting names, some form 3 went to them and asked if he/she could be on my team. Hehe. I admire his/her bravado in asking it straight-forward like that. Kudos to you, whoever you may be. Keep up that self-confidence, and you'll be going places.

Tomorrow, I'll be attending the 3rd session in a series of NST Seminars sponsored by Sime Darby. Hopefully, it'll be a lot of fun, just like the previous sessions.

Hmm. What else? Oh right. We have to write a letter to the Prime Minister concerning importance of 'perpaduan' or unity and harmony. Well, along those lines. A bit lazy to do it. Oh well. I think that's all for now.

Au revoir.

Monday, January 18, 2010

They Only Tell You Half the Truth

Recently, so many things I enjoy have been cut down. Among which include; my phone, my laptop, PS3 and TV. And though I admit, it is pretty much my only ticket to getting back to the US where I can see once more what the country of my birth looks like. Last time I was there was 13 years ago. I want to go back.

But then there's something my mom keeps saying; work hard now and enjoy success later. Problem is, first was UPSR, then was the constant monthly exams, then PMR and then SPM. Once all of that is done, you have 4 not-so-relaxing months applying for colleges that will accept your SPM Trial results. And when we finally do get into a college, we have to struggle -- again -- to stay in college, graduate with decent results and get a good job. And finally, we're done struggling.

AAANT (buzzer sound) WRONG ANSWER! Why? We have to work hard until we're seeing therapists to stay sane otherwise that 6-digit paycheck we worked so hard to earn, won't come in.

So, we spend a lifetime of struggling. If not for success in life -- and the afterlife --, then we struggle against bad drivers and bad people we are likely to encounter on a daily basis. Considering that, we should probably just give up, wouldn't you agree? Less hassle.

But then, we wouldn't be able to own that Lamborghini you've always wanted. Or that penthouse overlooking New York City. And you'd likely to be struggling to put food on your table. And you'd be bottling up all your frustrations and pain which is never a good thing.

So, given that which I have stated. How do you gauge the quality of life? How do you gauge success in life? Is it by your accomplishments? Or by what you accomplish? Is it by what you own? Or what you have?

The 4 questions I have put forth above carry different meanings. I hope you are able to understand and figure it out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

NST Seminar. And a Bit More

Tomorrow & today there was supposed to be a seminar on leadership. It is part of the Creative Writing course. But there was an emergency cancellation so instead of cancelling the seminar itself, they went on with it but only for today. That means no seminar tomorrow.

Replacement will be on the 30th & 31st of January. I should be free. I don't want to enter anything for the school Sports Day & I don't want to go for Co-Curricular activities on a Saturday. Quite frankly, I'm not in the mood to participate in any of the Co-Curricular activities at the moment. Save maybe for debate through the English Literature Society & rugby but not really fond of going for Kadet Bomba. I guess maybe I feel that I have fulfilled my -- ah what the heck. Just say it. I feel lazy to go and that I have done my time with Bomba. There I said it.

-Sigh-. Why did they have to do it on a Saturday. So lazy...

I really want a full-face helmet and then to try out the course at the Extreme Park in Section 13 or to try out Taman Cabaran.

Anyway, I'm going to hit the showers now.

Au revoir

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Next?

The year just keeps getting better and better as the hours roll by.

Due to homework + studying -- honest, this time -- +tuition/tuition work, the time I spend online has significantly reduced. But I don't mind that.

Last night, my mom imposed a MEGA-curfew. No phone unless they're home or we're outside. Or rather, I have to go out. It's kind of frustrating. I know, I know, SPM is coming up, etc.

-Sigh-. But I'm adamant about trying out Taman Cabaran BEFORE the damn exam. Hehe.

Friday, January 8, 2010

1st Week of School

It's only the first-week of school and already it's getting a wee bit complicating. First there's the upcoming sports day to contend with. In which I -- somehow -- ended up AJK Kawad Kaki for Earth. I don't want to be that! I pulled out of Kadet Bomba for that AND to focus on other things. Like studies, before anyone can say anything else.

Then there is fact that sports day is on 6th February, on which I also have the creative writing course. This situation could get a bit sticky... -Sigh-...

Oh, and the Honda Scholarship I want to check out.

Then there's the dilemma with the rugby team because the juniors are in the afternoon session.

And last, but most certainly not least, my academics. I hope their improving. And I'm not sure about EST... I think go for it first and see.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Dilemma! And School Hasn't Even Started!

Yes. I have a studies-related dilemma & school hasn't even freaking reopened! Wow. Looks like its going to be a rough year from here on in.

What is my dilemma?

My physics tuition is scheduled on Fridays. I know right now you are thinking, "alright, he's lost it. There's nothing wrong with physics tuition on Fridays,"

True, there shouldn't be. But wait just one moment. I also have rugby practice on Fridays. NOO! My head says drop rugby and focus on physics but my heart says drop physics & play rugby.

And given the past evidence, the new physics teacher isn't quite up to the mark. I mean, I managed to scrape 70% with my old teacher but barely passed with the new one.

I know, maybe it is me but I'm merely stating my inference and observation, respectively.

My dad too is undecided. I am yet to discuss with my mom. We shall see.

-Sigh-. Looks like a rough year ahead. -Gulp-.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Custom Order New Year's Resolutions

I know it is already the 2nd of January and I know this should have been written the LATEST by 31st December but I finally got around to writing this -- and thinking about it. Hehe.

I've color-coded them by the way. Red means VERY important, Purple means preferable but optional and Green means it's just something I want that isn't important. Hehe.

So my New Year's Resolutions -- which are in no particular order of importance are;

  1. A full-face MTB helmet. Preferrably -- or rather, hopefully -- from Specialized or SixSixOne but I don't mind any other brand. As long as I like it -- duh.
  2. Elbow/forearm + knee/shin guards. This too I would prefer SixSixOne. Or maybe Fox Head but again, I'm just hoping.
  3. 10 A's for SPM -- duh.
  4. Improve myself so that I study hard AND smart. A lot. Without burning out. That means minimum 1 SOLID hour a day. Then I can play, a bit.
  5. Get Abah a bike and hit the trails one fine weekend.
  6. Get a scholarship to M.I.T and do engineering
  7. Get myself a road bike. It looks really cool and sporty. Hehe.
  8. As much as I don't want to, slow down a bit with my girl... I'm sorry. I believe that this is the best step to be taken for the time being...
  9. Improve -- and I mean REALLY improve. Especially Add Math & Chemistry. Biology too.
  10. Get my own rugby ball.
10 goals. That seems fair. Not completely unachievable. Except maybe for #7. The minimal price of a road bike is 4 grand. -Whistles-.

Wish me luck in achieving this.

Happy New Year & good luck in achieving all your goals! And to my fellow form 5's, good luck in SPM! May we all do well.