Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Dilemma! And School Hasn't Even Started!

Yes. I have a studies-related dilemma & school hasn't even freaking reopened! Wow. Looks like its going to be a rough year from here on in.

What is my dilemma?

My physics tuition is scheduled on Fridays. I know right now you are thinking, "alright, he's lost it. There's nothing wrong with physics tuition on Fridays,"

True, there shouldn't be. But wait just one moment. I also have rugby practice on Fridays. NOO! My head says drop rugby and focus on physics but my heart says drop physics & play rugby.

And given the past evidence, the new physics teacher isn't quite up to the mark. I mean, I managed to scrape 70% with my old teacher but barely passed with the new one.

I know, maybe it is me but I'm merely stating my inference and observation, respectively.

My dad too is undecided. I am yet to discuss with my mom. We shall see.

-Sigh-. Looks like a rough year ahead. -Gulp-.

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