Saturday, January 2, 2010

Custom Order New Year's Resolutions

I know it is already the 2nd of January and I know this should have been written the LATEST by 31st December but I finally got around to writing this -- and thinking about it. Hehe.

I've color-coded them by the way. Red means VERY important, Purple means preferable but optional and Green means it's just something I want that isn't important. Hehe.

So my New Year's Resolutions -- which are in no particular order of importance are;

  1. A full-face MTB helmet. Preferrably -- or rather, hopefully -- from Specialized or SixSixOne but I don't mind any other brand. As long as I like it -- duh.
  2. Elbow/forearm + knee/shin guards. This too I would prefer SixSixOne. Or maybe Fox Head but again, I'm just hoping.
  3. 10 A's for SPM -- duh.
  4. Improve myself so that I study hard AND smart. A lot. Without burning out. That means minimum 1 SOLID hour a day. Then I can play, a bit.
  5. Get Abah a bike and hit the trails one fine weekend.
  6. Get a scholarship to M.I.T and do engineering
  7. Get myself a road bike. It looks really cool and sporty. Hehe.
  8. As much as I don't want to, slow down a bit with my girl... I'm sorry. I believe that this is the best step to be taken for the time being...
  9. Improve -- and I mean REALLY improve. Especially Add Math & Chemistry. Biology too.
  10. Get my own rugby ball.
10 goals. That seems fair. Not completely unachievable. Except maybe for #7. The minimal price of a road bike is 4 grand. -Whistles-.

Wish me luck in achieving this.

Happy New Year & good luck in achieving all your goals! And to my fellow form 5's, good luck in SPM! May we all do well.

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