Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yesterday, I had a debate. Sharanya, QM & I represented 4 Beta. We went up against 4 Epsilon who were represented by Heikal, Haziq Shaharel & Aizat. We had a blast! The topic was "P.P.S.M.I. should be abolished. Science & Math should be taught in the mother tongue". We were the government team.

QM was quite good and so was Sharanya. Heikal had excellent points but his delivery style needs working on which is a shame. He had the best points. Aizat was good. He just lacked statistics. Haziq's delivery style was cool. Very calm, and relaxed.

I'm not sure about the marks but 4 Beta won. And I was named 'Best Debater'. I expected it to go to Sharanya so it was a pleasant surprise. Lina came over while the adjudicators were convening and when Aizat said only debaters were allowed to the tables, Lina claimed to be our coach. Haha. That was a good cover. Afterwards Lina was like "Woohoo. Free cert!". Haha.

Liyana was the Madam Speaker for the debate & Yati was time keeper. My girl claimed she was shaky every time she stood up to speak but her voice hid it well enough and I never noticed her shaking. I think she did well. Love her so much.

Guess that's all. Just a short post for now.

Oh, before I forget. I also entered the public speaking competition and this Monday we shall find out who won. Heikal was pretty good himself.

Now I'm done. Hehe.

Au revoir

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Tale of Eyewear & Toy Guns

The thing about being on Cloud 9 is that a lot of things don't seem to affect you as they did anymore, don't you think? Well, at least for the time being until the effects wear off.

Anyway, just felt like writing that down even though its probably not going to have any correlation whatsoever with my post. Haha.

So, these past two weeks have been interesting, if not expensive. I told myself I wouldn't blog about these but then what the hell, it's my blog anyway.

So, first off, everyone in my family got a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Everyone. Including my brother. It started off during Haziq Shaharel's open house. That WAS two weeks ago, right? Anyway, it started then. My parents dropped me off and went to Giant to do the groceries. The day before we had a belated birthday celebration for my mom. We let her go wild in the Gardens. Hehe. Mama bought not too many items but all she had been eyeing for a while; flats, handbag, etc. She had also been wanting a pair of Oakley's for a while now but believe it or not, no Oakley distributor there.

So they went to Giant after dropping me off and did the groceries. Later on, when they picked me up, Akid was wearing a pair of Oakley 'Monster Dog' sunglasses. Mama didn't even get hers. What an Akid.

The next weekend, we went to SACC to do a quick grocery. Mama had yet to pray Zuhur so we went to the third floor while Mama went to the fourth. We went to the video store and met Mama on the way. So happens that the route to the video store would take us past the optometrist we collect our contact lenses from.

And whad'ya know, they carry Oakley. -- Gasps --.

Akid wasn't interested of course -- he already had his pair of Oakley. Abah & I said we'd catch up and took a quick look at the Oakley shades. A quick look turned to a few innocent trying on-s and Mama came back saying "Aha. So HERE'S where you guys are; trying on some Oakley's"

Mama said we could keep trying them on but refused to try on any. We all insisted and insisted and she finally gave in and tried on the pair of Oakley's she had been apparently been eyeing for a while now.

Mama had already made up her mind and knew which one she was getting. Abah decided shortly after. I took the longest time as not many of the models fit my facial structure and/or kept brushing my eyelashes.

I know some of you -- especially me female readers -- have thought "wow, a guy with long eyelashes," and I'm telling you, it can be quite tricky when choosing your eyewear. There I go, straying off topic again. Hehe.

Back to the topic, I finally settled on an Oakley Flak Jacket. My dad bought an Oakley Juliet while my mom bought an Oakley Liv.

my Oakley Flak Jacket

This weekend, after double tuition classes, we went to have lunch in Subang Parade. Nando's. Yummy. Hehe. Afterwards, Akid wanted to go to Toys'R'Us but Abah didn't want to so we sort of parted ways. Abah & I went to MPH while Akid & Mama went to Toys'R'Us upstairs.

I've always liked entering MPH. I like the browsing through rows and racks of books and books and reading all the amazing stories they tell. What a cliche, huh? During the school holidays, I can just sit down, read and often, finish a book in under 24 hours. Maybe I should camp in MPH, huh? That way, at least I'll always have something to read. Hehe. I keep straying off topic, don't I? Hehe. Back to Toys'R'Us.

While browsing, Akid called. He was looking at some Nerf toys and started asking a question with a lot of information to process. I told him I'd be up there and Abah reluctantly followed. Hehe.

Now, before I continue, many of you must be wondering; "What the hell is Nerf?!" -- OK, maybe not so dramatically, but yeah. Nerf is a brand of toys -- now owned by Hasbro -- that makes mostly toys for boys. Hey, that rhymes. Anyway, they make things like toy guns, toy swords, footballs -- American football, not soccer -- etc. Its a lot of fun and they use a lot of foam so it doesn't hurt.

So, my brother was looking at a Nerf gun -- Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 -- and my mom said to me "Choose one,". I was sort of taken off-guard. I ended up with a sniper rifle -- Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6. At home, Akid and I spent the whole afternoon shooting each other with the foam darts. Hehe. Akid is horrible at aiming. He keeps missing me -- though only be mere centimeters but he still keeps missing.

my Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6
(longest Nerf blaster on the market)

Wow. That has to be the longest post I've written in a while. Hehe. So sorry if you found it boring...

That's all for now,

Au revoir

Friday, October 9, 2009

I Need to Update More Often, Shouldn't I?

Its been so long since I blogged. I've been caught up with studying and doing the Bio presentation and so many other things. I know, lame excuse, I used to be able to find time, etc.

Its just I can't seem to pass my Chemistry & Add Math papers. I swore I did so much better for Add Math. Yeah sure, my marks went up from 10% to 35% or 38% but its not enough. I need to PASS. *Sigh*. This year is almost up and next year I have SPM. NOOO!

So next year it's back to seminars, books, minimal TV & no PlayStation 3. ToT, The horror! Haha. I'm overreacting. Anyway, before zooming too far into the future, how to kick back during the holidays? Hmm.

If only kicking back was as simple as portrayed by this cute kitten. Hehe.

The rugby team is organizing a 3 day 2 night stay at Langkawi on December 15th but I'm not going. My dad isn't exactly screaming 'yes' and my mom gave a flat 'no' so I'll stay home. Kind of a bummer but it's OK. I'll get to play PS3 and go cycle and stuff. But it'd be neat if I get to go hang out with my friends at malls. Only Mama & Abah aren't too keen on the idea. Hmm.

They kept saying; hang out with the guys more often and all but it's difficult to be 'part of the clique' so to speak if I keep turning down offers to go out & hang. That's what all the guys do. The girls too actually but I'm rarely invited -- being a guy and all -- so it doesn't show.

I'm not complaining but it just feels that way. Sorry if you think my ranting is long-winding and pointless. Maybe you just find it confusing. I know I kinda do. Hehe.

Hmm. Should I wrap up? Maybe I should. But first, here's a picture of a lil something something...

Just thought I'd inject a little bit of humor. Hehe. Picture courtesy of D (Dayana Mustak). Thanks D! I had a good laugh over it!

I miss my girl so much. Here I go, going mushy. Haha. But I do miss her so. But its only been 3 days and I have another 4 until I get to see her again... *Sigh*

This bike -- Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide -- is awesome. Hehehe. I know, I said I'd never ride a bike but somehow, my opinion has been changing recently. But I don't imagine my parents warming up to the idea, however. Hehehe.

That's all for now.

Au revoir.