Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yesterday, I had a debate. Sharanya, QM & I represented 4 Beta. We went up against 4 Epsilon who were represented by Heikal, Haziq Shaharel & Aizat. We had a blast! The topic was "P.P.S.M.I. should be abolished. Science & Math should be taught in the mother tongue". We were the government team.

QM was quite good and so was Sharanya. Heikal had excellent points but his delivery style needs working on which is a shame. He had the best points. Aizat was good. He just lacked statistics. Haziq's delivery style was cool. Very calm, and relaxed.

I'm not sure about the marks but 4 Beta won. And I was named 'Best Debater'. I expected it to go to Sharanya so it was a pleasant surprise. Lina came over while the adjudicators were convening and when Aizat said only debaters were allowed to the tables, Lina claimed to be our coach. Haha. That was a good cover. Afterwards Lina was like "Woohoo. Free cert!". Haha.

Liyana was the Madam Speaker for the debate & Yati was time keeper. My girl claimed she was shaky every time she stood up to speak but her voice hid it well enough and I never noticed her shaking. I think she did well. Love her so much.

Guess that's all. Just a short post for now.

Oh, before I forget. I also entered the public speaking competition and this Monday we shall find out who won. Heikal was pretty good himself.

Now I'm done. Hehe.

Au revoir

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