Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Day of 2009

31st December 2009.

It is the last day of the year. I just got my bike tuned and now I'm -- literally -- waiting for and fearing the day school reopens. Why waiting? Because I want to cycle everyday on my mountain bike and see Liyana again and drag my feet to the bathroom every morning -- OK, maybe not quite -- and I want to see all of my friends again. That's a lot of 'and's... Phew. About fearing the school reopening, I fear it because it means the long yet short countdown -- does that make sense? -- to SPM has begun.

Recapping the year, it certainly has been eventful if not rickety. But then again, you're not living as a teenager if the roller-coaster ride that is life doesn't fly off the tracks every now and again. My birthday was certainly a momentous one. I got a new bike which was a big deal for me. My old bike was 6 years old and getting small. I was a bit sad when I knew I wasn't going to be using the old bike anymore because I've been through a lot with it. Literally. But I'm also happy that the old bike has a 'new' owner -- my little brother. He's not exactly a super-avid cyclist so it does the job.

Wow. Long post. Didn't expect it to be this long. A lot of changes -- good and bad -- this year and -- yet another 'and' -- I hope that next year -- which starts in less than 12 hours -- has much more in store. Preferably more good things. Hehe.

That's all for now.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Le Tour de BJ

To my readers, I apologise if any of you were under the impression there really was an event. It's just a title -- which happens to have something to do with my post today. I'm sorry but there was no long-distance, endurance cycling competition in BJ during the duration of the school holidays. Nothing official, at least. My apologies.

Anyway, back to the reason I'm posting this;

I woke up 'early' today -- 9:30 a.m. Haha. So much for early, eh? Anyway, after a shower and breakfast, I went cycling. I went all over BJ alone on my Polygon Collossus AX1.0. Hehehehe. Just me, my bike, a bottle of water & my music. It was a fun -- and tiring -- ride.

The Route:


A/E - Home (I'm not going to put my address, duh)

B - School (SMK Bkt. Jelutong)

C - Lagenda (Jalan Teratak)

D - Jalan Adang


This one I think is a bit obvious but just in case I'll clarify it. The checkpoints are;

A-B, B-C, C-D and D-E.


Leg 1 (A-B); 00:11:55 (wow, all double numbers, what do you know? Hehe)

Leg 2 (B-C); 00:16:52 / +5 mins 37 sec

Leg 3 (C-D); 00:37:58 / +21mins 06 sec

Leg 4 (D-E); 00:49:33 / +12mins 15sec

Give or take the break times and the time it took to log down the data, I managed to clock in around 00:55:13 give or take for the entire course -- which I think is fair. Hehehe.

I was pretty beat when I got back -- not to mention very sweaty, hehe -- but I had a great time cycling. It was fun to just get around and cycle.

There was this one guy I saw twice. He was riding a road bike (a.k.a. racing bike) with a Ducati Corse frame. If you're reading this, I just wanted to say, "nice bike."

That's all for now. Au revoir

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Boxing Day Post

It is 26th December 09 here in Malaysia, the day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day. Typically, this is the day when people go to the stores to get the proper size for clothes they received as Christmas gifts -- if it didn't fit.

My family however, went to Signature GSC at the Gardens to watch James Cameron's Avatar! Better still, we watched it in 3D! Before entering the theater, we were given those square 3D glasses. It was cool. Even the advertisements about the upcoming movies were in 3D. It was awesome!

With the 3D glasses, everything seemed to come at you. When they were walking through the jungle, I felt like touching the leaves of the ferns as they 'passed by'. Some scenes make you recoil because it feels like the gun is really pointed at you and that the people are actually shooting at you. It was definitely a rush.

The movie was very good. Very deep. There is no, absolutely no, clear-cut good guy/bad guy. Everyone is caught up in trying to uphold their respective principles -- which by the way, change as time progresses due to multiple factors. The almost-3-hour movie went by so quickly. The movie itself was very pact and dense. But don't get excited. It is not so much of an action movie. It has a lot of conversations -- which I enjoy.

I was a bit sad when the movie ended. It was so good.

Rating; A solid 10/10. 5 stars out of 5 stars. The seamless special effects, breathtaking animation, the complex plot, character development and spectacular acting, all make for a simply stunning movie. Love it.

Aside from watching Avatar, my family found 16 baby koi in our pond! We're very excited. About 2-4 months ago, we found some fish fry but then they dissapeared. Now, apparently, they're bigger and there's 16 of them. We're very excited. Hehe.

By the way, this marks my 200th post! Woohoo! Blogger milestone, baby!
That's all for now. Au revoir.

Watch Avatar. You won't regret it. And, if you can, go for 3D. An experience not to be missed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Between Sun-bathing & Swimming

It is a lovely morning and a thought hit me when I was in the shower. I notice at the pool & the beach, there are two main types of people. The first is the kind who goes for the pool/sea and start swimming and splashing. Enjoying the water and waves. Then there's the kind of people who will pounce on the nearest sun lounge and well, just lounge.

I've tried to just lounge before, at the beach. But I get way too damn bored and I jump into the water. Hehehe. I love swimming too much. Though I prefer the swimming pool over the sea. Well, save for snorkelling. Hehehe.

What about everyone else? Swimming in the pool/sea or lounging by the beach/deck?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

An RM50 Million Blunder

No, I didn't make a mistake that cost me RM50 mil -- thank god for that -- but the RMAF apparently did. It was a routine maintenance for their fighter jets and obviously, as with every inspection, everything must be in perfect order or rectified where required. And during the course of this maintenance, they lost RM50 mil. Why? Because someone walked out with the jet engine. HAH?!

Amazing. Simply spectacular. A routine maintenance and they lost a freakin' engine. Wow. RM50 mil, poof. Geez. There was also that blunder some years back where a terrorist group pretty much paraded out with a whole truck-load of guns. What's next, missing napalms? Certainly hope not.

Worst of all, it was lost last year and it was hushed up. Fine, they didn't want to spread panic or something but a missing jet engine? How did that happen. And they're right to assume it is already lost on the black market. These kind of things are not stolen and then people hope for a buyer. Whoever stole it just earned themselves a lot of money.

Swimming & Balik Kampung

It's been sort of a while since I blogged. I have a lot I want to write but I on Thursday I forgot and on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, I didn't have a secure internet connection. Why? Because I went back to Taiping.

On Thursday, I forgot because I was exhausted. Hehe. That morning, my family and one of my cousins -- he slept over -- went to swimming in Putrajaya. No, not in the lake, but in a/the public swimming pool. I'm not sure how many there are. It was really empty so my family managed to do our laps in peace without people 'berendam' there. I mean, come on, it's a lap pool, not a jacuzzi. You're supposed to SWIM, not soak. Especially to those who REALLY need to lose those pounds.

There I go, straying off again.

So, back to the story, the pool being empty was a really great thing. But the best part was that it was Olympic sized! Woohoo! I know, there are probbably a lot of Olympic sized pools around but I hardly go to any of them and they are always full of people just floating and splashing around. Previously, my family always went to the one in Monterez but the pool is only 25m. Olympic is 50m.

Oh, one more thing about the pool; I did 10 laps back-to-back, non-stop in breast stroke -- a.k.a froggy. I don't like that term...

After that, we went to Alamanda for lunch and I had to wear my swimming shorts again -- good thing that material dries up pretty quick, hehe -- because I forgot to bring a change of pants. Well, not forgot, it just turned out that I had accidentally grabbed Akid's jeans which somehow ended up in my closet. Hmm.

We had lunch in Alamanda and Akid got a pair of finger-less gloves. Akid, Akid. What an Akid. I had to save my own money to buy mine and I had been planning on getting my gloves for a while. Akid just saw them and went "can I?" and )*POOF*( they're in his hands.

The next day, we went back to Taiping and I had a lot of fun. The evening before we left, Alang, Aiman, Akid, Abah & I went to play a bit of rugby -- I borrowed the ball from the coach, hehe -- by the field behind the library. Hehe. It was a lot of fun. It was the cousins & I who wanted to go play rugby but it was Abah who ended up the dirtiest. Hehehehe.

On the journey back, I slept pretty much the whole journey. We left at 7 and soon after, I dozed off. When I woke up, we had pulled over in Tapah for a toilet break and it was 8. After refuelling, I dozed off again and when I woke up, we were approaching KL -- I could already see the skyline -- and it was 9 o'clock. Yes, we made the journey from Taiping to KL in 2 hours. That's pretty standard for us. Well, when we always drive at 160 km/h, it's really no wonder.

We had breakfast at McDonald's Bangar and then did our grocery at TMC.

This is sort of a family tradition actually. Even since before I was small. We would leave Taiping very early -- 7 a.m. by the latest -- , have breakfast at McD then do the grocery at TMC before heading back home.

I wish I had snapped more photos but I didn't. Oh well.

That's all for now, au revoir.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Bored...

One of my cousins is over; Aiman. He is as old as Akid and the two of them are very close. It's too bad Alang can't stay over because then we cannot go back to Taiping on Friday. Let me elaborate on that. We are going back to Taiping this Friday & Aiman is coming with us. If one more cousin stayed with us, the car wouldn't fit. Well, it would, it just wouldn't be a comfortable 180km++, 2 hour journey to Taiping, Perak. Hehe.

But I'm bringing the rugby ball back to Taiping anyway so it's alright. Hehe.

I'm just really bored right now... What to do?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2 Kenduris & 1 Cousin

Sounds like the title of a bad spoof but it isn't. Essentially, that's what today has been. A tiring day with 2 kenduris to attend, a brief grocery and a cousin tagging along.

It was really good seeing Liyana again. I've missed her so much. She looked gorgeous during Sofea's aunt Yasmin's wedding. Hehe

I'm afraid I hurt her a bit just now... I'm sorry you felt you were bothering. You weren't. I swear. I'm so sorry. I love you so much. I'm sorry if you felt that way. You weren't at all... There are no emotes or abbreviations that can fit how much I want to apologise to you right now...

Je t'aime sayang...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Life seems to be OK now. Actually, I feel sort of happy. Mama & Abah are not too upset over my results, alhamdulillah. I'm essentially done with my BM folio. Just have the 'Plot' section to wrap up. Should be simple. I think of it as a simplified synopsis -- which on its own its a simplified version of the story. 0_o. Haha.

And my cousins are coming this Saturday! Woohoo! Hehe. It's been a while since I met them. Since... August or so. Just before PMR, during Eid il Fitr. Yep. It'll be nice to see them again. This year's Eid il Fitr was a lot of fun because my cousins from Canada came back! Hehe. It was cool being able to hang out with them again.

Christmas is around the corner. I'm afraid Akid might be getting it to his head he can get away with ordering another game. Abah is not going to be pleased if he does. Then again, maybe he just likes to browse through like I like to browse through all the sites related to mountain biking.

That's all for now. Au revoir et bonne nuit