Sunday, December 20, 2009

An RM50 Million Blunder

No, I didn't make a mistake that cost me RM50 mil -- thank god for that -- but the RMAF apparently did. It was a routine maintenance for their fighter jets and obviously, as with every inspection, everything must be in perfect order or rectified where required. And during the course of this maintenance, they lost RM50 mil. Why? Because someone walked out with the jet engine. HAH?!

Amazing. Simply spectacular. A routine maintenance and they lost a freakin' engine. Wow. RM50 mil, poof. Geez. There was also that blunder some years back where a terrorist group pretty much paraded out with a whole truck-load of guns. What's next, missing napalms? Certainly hope not.

Worst of all, it was lost last year and it was hushed up. Fine, they didn't want to spread panic or something but a missing jet engine? How did that happen. And they're right to assume it is already lost on the black market. These kind of things are not stolen and then people hope for a buyer. Whoever stole it just earned themselves a lot of money.

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