Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Between Sun-bathing & Swimming

It is a lovely morning and a thought hit me when I was in the shower. I notice at the pool & the beach, there are two main types of people. The first is the kind who goes for the pool/sea and start swimming and splashing. Enjoying the water and waves. Then there's the kind of people who will pounce on the nearest sun lounge and well, just lounge.

I've tried to just lounge before, at the beach. But I get way too damn bored and I jump into the water. Hehehe. I love swimming too much. Though I prefer the swimming pool over the sea. Well, save for snorkelling. Hehehe.

What about everyone else? Swimming in the pool/sea or lounging by the beach/deck?

1 comment:

syazzone said...

hah. definitely the sea. no doubt.