Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Most Common Emotion Felt by This Teenager

Worry. There are so many things to worry about. Exams, H1N1, relationships, etc. Which reminds me, my Exams are near, my Add Math is weak. I haven't started studying yet. I'm afraid I'm going to fail Physics and Add Math -- again. I don't want to fail Physics and Add Math

And to make everything a whole lot worse; Liyana is very, very sick. I hope she gets well soon. She's under a self-imposed quarantine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weighing One with Another

I changed places in class today. I want to give it a shot. My results have been horrible and I really REALLY want to turn them around. Naturally, Liyana isn't too pleased about it. Neither am I but I need to do this to try and turn my grades around. Unfortunately however, Syarul's books are still in the desk and I really am too lazy to move it.

I found I can focus better in my new place but unfortunately, its also lonelier. Liyana used to be right behind me so whenever I was bored or the teacher finally stop yapping, I could just turn around and just immerse myself in this safe sanctuary where I can escape the worries and pains of reality, be it even for the shortest while.

Hmm. Should I go back to my place in front of Liyana or stay at Syarul's old place beside Ayie? I don't know. I'm torn between my concern for the future and my care for the present.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping for Gifts

Yesterday, my family & I went to KLCC because my mom wanted to buy some gifts for a friend who was going back to the US or something. But apparently he's a really great guy and everyone likes him because my mom managed to collect 2 Grand ++. Is that a lot or what? So we arrived around noon and had lunch at Burger King. I had their new Double Stacker and Akid had their Triple Stacker. Hmph. He's the one who needs to be watching his waist line. Anyway, afterwards, we went to Swatch and my parents browsed through the watches and came across this very, very nice Irony chronograph. Everyone agreed on it and we put it aside, saying we'd come back.

Before we left, my mom asked me which watch do I like -- because my current watch is falling apart and hinting for a new one for quite a while. Hehe. I had recently came across this neat watch from the online Fall-Winter catalogue and picked it. It looked neat but I wanted to compare it with another watch I had been eyeing. This one is from the Spring-Summer catalogue. In the end, I went for the 1st watch. Which is this one;

We asked the sales assistant to hold it for us -- a new shopping habit we've picked up. Then we went to Mont Blanc because my mom wanted to buy a pen-mechanical pencil set -- if they had a good deal, she said. We browsed a bit and while my mom went through a selection, I browsed around a bit. It's a good thing I don't have any heart problems because one of the pens cost Rm101,000. It's outrageous! Pens are used to document things. But now there's something called computers. For 100g, you can get a good car AND a really expensive laptop and still have lots of change. In the end, my mom only got one mechanical pencil. Though, being Mont Blanc, it rang in at about 1g, I'd say.

For the third gift, my mom wanted to buy him a wallet so we went to Braun Buffel. I helped pick out which one to get and my mom asked for it to be wrapped. I like the service at Braun Buffel because while waiting for the people at the store to wrap it, they gave us a bottle of water each.

After purchasing two of the three gifts, we headed back to Swatch. On the way, we stopped by Watson's for a few things and apparently, there were Playboy fragrances for sale. Didn't know they make fragrances. Haha. It was interesting to see -- no, no nude pictures. Then we went to Swatch and bought the gift watch and mine. But not before my mom asked which watch my brother liked -- he had been looking at some watches while I was trying mine.

My dad was going "uh oh, Mama. He's looking at those watches. Uh oh, he's thinking," before we left for Mont Blanc earlier. And you guessed, he got it. But I'm not really complaining, his old watch -- like mine -- is kinda bad. At least its not as expensive as his last watch.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blogger Milestone!

This post marks my 150th post! Woohoo! 150 posts published on everything in my life. I think the latest name, Eclectique, fits.

I started this post to express my feelings at the time -- specifically about a Brazilian martial art called capoeira, hence the URL. But from there, it has expanded to cover my latest interests, important events and my ideas, covering much much more than simply capoeira.

Woohoo! 150 posts!

Au revoir

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bucket List

Just wanted to update my 'Bucket List'.
1. Go back to the US. Preferrably Massachusettes. Especially during autumn

2. Go to a nice college in the US. Hopefully nothing too intimidating.
3. Be able to slow dance on a beach at sunset or under the stars with her.

4. Catch an All Blacks vs. Wallabies game.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Abah!

Today, we went to celebrate my dad's birthday. When I woke up, both my parents were downstairs so I sneaked down and wished my dad a happy birthday. Then I went back up decided what to wear. Somehow most of the clothes that we wore needed to be ironed so my mom ironed her clothes, my brother's and mine while my dad ironed his. He insisted.

All of us dressed casual-smart. We hit the road about 11:30 or so. On the way it was a nice drive. Light-hearted with laughter and chatter. We entered Putrajaya and after a slight detour -- due to a wrong turn -- we passed by the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) and it is an impressive building. Abah says it is like a hotel on the inside. There were so many flags outside. All the states' flags along with dozens and dozens of Malaysia's flag; the Jalur Gemilang.

When we saw Pullman Hotel from the distance as we approached, we could see the architecture was marvelous. When we pulled into the parking lot and surfaced, we were blown away. It wasn't a hotel, it was a palace! The place is huge. Its like a city, not a hotel. There are three blocks or wings. Each wing is the size of another small hotel. And they have three blocks. The design was very South East Asian. Very strong Siamese influence. I liked it very much. Not to 'kerawang' but still rustic.

The name of the restaurant my mom booked is B's. It is an all-day dining restaurant. Awesome place. Very nice ambience, very nice furnishings and interior design work.

The food was topnotch. The salad was absolutely yummy. Fresh, crisp and plenty of choice. The mushroom soup was very creamy and mouth watering. The ciabatta bread I took complemented it very nicely and vice versa. Afterwards, I had some grilled lamb which absolutely delicious and an exquisitely done fettucine bolognaise. The fettucine was an exotic twist of eastern and western style. With subtle eastern herbs cooked in a distinctly western style. Amazing. While relaxing a bit before hitting the buffet tables again -- hehe -- the head chef (who had cooked my fettucine by the way) came with pretty much the entire kitchen singing happy birthday and carrying a nice little cake. After some sampling we took some photos. A very nice lady helped us so that I could be in the picture too. Thank you, by the way, whoever you are. Then I had some kuey teow sup. It wasn't bad but the beef was chewy unfortunately and I still like Taiping's keuy teow sup better. Hehe. For desert; two helpings of mint choc ice cream. It was very very yummy.

After we paid, we went around to snap some pictures. Pullman Hotel is more like a city than a hotel. It is huge. They have skybridges linking the different wings. I want to be able to go there some day. It is an extremely nice hotel. If only we had the money. The waterfront is very nice and very spacious. I like it. The watersports area looks like a lot of fun too. After quite a lot of pictures we went to pray Zuhur at the basement surau.

The surau was very nice. Very cool. The day was very hot by the way and it was a relief to get into the air-conditioned surau. After praying, we sat around a bit more before heading to the car and leaving. The bellboy was very nice. He was waiting for the elevator too but gave it to us instead. Another thing about Pullman Hotel; awesome service and very friendly staff.

Mama wanted to check out Abah's new office so we did. I fell asleep on the way. Hehe. We couldn't go up because the office is still under renovation, etc. The surrounding area is very nice. Very peaceful. Very relaxing. There is a hill nearby where lots of land are sold exclusively to different countries for them to build their embassies. It was interesting seeing which nations had already bought lots there. Iraq's Embassy was already well underway and we joked that we won't be seeing the US Embassy set up shop next door. Hehe. Mama heard there was an international school nearby so we drove by to see.

Then we went to Alamanda because I needed a new pair of socks for rugby. Akid was cranky and kept saying things like, "there's no reason to be here,", "no, don't shop,", up to a point when Mama was upset because Akid kept hassling and being unreasonable when she was browsing. Soon after though, everything was OK. I got a new correction tape and Akid got a new pair of pajamas. Oh, Abah, Akid & I ordered our baju melayu's for this year.

On the way back I dozed off. Then I took a bath, started writing at 7, had dinner and finally at 11, I am wrapping up this post.

Au revoir & thank you for reading.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza & Friends

I'm back from Weii Syuen's get-together. Firstly, thanks a lot Weii Syuen, I had a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure we all did. I took a lot of candid pictures. Muahaha! And some wacky ones too, of course.

Anyway, before I went to SF Pizza, Michael ran into me in front of my tuition center. I was chatting a bit with Liyana and whether she should go to the gathering. I told her to make her own choice based on her own judgement.

She cycled home to discuss with her mom so Michael & I headed to SF Pizza first. We didn't see anyone we know so we swung by into a gift shop that apparently opened up quite recently.`

While we were about to leave, Tze Yie stepped in because she saw us. Haha. So the three of us headed to San Francisco and apparently, Sher Lin was already there so we greeted her. After a brief discussion over whether to sit inside or outside, we opted to sit outside where we could put more tables together in case we needed to.

We were enjoying ourselves, making stupid jokes when Weii Syuen arrived. She was carrying her DSLR camera and I remembered I left my camera at home. So I excused myself and sped home. To my pleasant surprise, Abah was already home so after praying, I grabbed the camera and Abah dropped me off. Thank you Abah.

When I got back, no one else had arrived and Weii Syuen's, Michael's, Tze Yie's and Sher Lin's respective drinks arrived. I --rather hurriedly-- ordered an Orange Punch. Which wasn't that great by the way. We ordered one Hawaiian pizza and one Quattro Sagione -- both large.

Shortly after that, Jerica swung by and decided to sit with us. Liyana decided to join us, completing the entourage.

While waiting for the pizzas -- they took half an hour by the way -- we chatted and laughed and mostly listened to Weii Syuen and Jerica gossiping away. Everyone cracked their share of jokes, told their stories and laughed their respective butts off. Haha. Everyone attacked the pizza really fast and I got some neat pics of Weii Syuen 'officiating' the second pizza. After the pizza was finished, I ordered a plate of Carbonara. Muahaha. It wasn't the best I had but it was OK.

Liyana took a -- sizable -- bite, so did Michael -- who took a lot less, and Weii Syuen who scraped up whatever remnants of sauce was left.

After a lot more chatting and flashes from cameras and joking and laughing, we asked one of the waitresses to snap group photos of us. Thank you, whoever you are.

Then everyone either headed back home or to tuition. I walked Liyana to her mom's car and then walked back to SF Pizza. Hehe.

I will upload the pictures to Facebook as soon as I can. I'm having some troubles with it. So sorry everyone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SMKBJ ExploRace/EcoCycle

I just completed SMKBJ's first Ecocyle or ExploRace as everyone calls it. It was a lot of fun. Wil Sern, Tze Yie, Shuet Yee & Sen Yong were a lot of fun. They were all great sports.

Tze Yie can hula hoop for 30 seconds! And that was her first time trying! She's good. Wil Sern was our guide as most of the track was in the Kubah-Serambi area. Shuet Yee & her brother were awesome. Especially during the second challenge where we had to tie our legs together and hop. Shuet Yee was very good during the third challenge; picking out what leaf belonged to which plant.

I blew my back tire. Hehe. But its fixed now. Went straight to the store in TTDI Jaya after the event. Faris's team came in first apparently.

I had a great time. Besides the blown tire. Time went by so fast. We should do it again.

Oh and Afif's team gave me their 100 Plus. Haha.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Have You Heard?

Lamenting Malaysia's recent switch from teaching Science & Math subjects to Bahasa, I must say, this has to be the worst decision in a very long history of bad decisions. A round of applause everybody. Yahoo for our wise leaders.

They did a similar thing when I was in standard 6. Halfway through the year, a mere months before UPSR -- our first major exam -- they swapped to English. Bravo. Smooth move, doing it halfway through the year.

But our leaders' latest move is by far, the worst. Their biggest concern was that the margin between the rural-area students and urban students was widening. Another concern was the lack of teachers who could converse fluently in English. On the contrary, there are a lot of teachers who have perfect grammar. Never mind the accent, the grammar is what counts. And I believe rural students just need the right support. They don't need teachers who call them stupid and discourage them from learning.

A sad, sad trait of Malaysians. Our method of 'teaching' involves humiliating the student and crippling their self-esteem. Is this how we build our nation's future leaders? If so, then I want out of this country. We cannot even queue up properly for crying out loud.

And the rural students are at an even bigger loss. Though they might have been struggling the past few years, however the change back to Bahasa will just confuse them as the terms and all will be all jumbled up. Not to mention the confusion among the teachers.

Which brings me to the second concern; lack of teachers fluent in English. That is slightly trickier to solve. It can be done. However, it will be time consuming. The teachers need to be put through rigorous English courses. Minimal unless its a proper meal time.

Alas, another Malaysian trait; we love to have 'breaks' up to a point they are literally too frequent. I agree a break every now and again is good. But unfortunately, the breaks are too long. We must stop the 'cakap berkias-kias' and just cut to the chase. It is so difficult sometimes.

Finally, what on this god-forsaken planet is the logic behind changing to Bahasa? Every college on the planet teaches Science & Math subjects in English. Changing the language to Bahasa will just cause a major problem for every Malaysian high school grad later on. All the scientific and mathematical terms will be very difficult to learn later on. Our future students will be in serious trouble.

Since they plan to begin changes in 2012, I will not be affected since I would have graduated but my little brother is still in elementary school (primary school). Quite literally everyone I asked has a negative opinion on the government's move to change the language back to Bahasa.

I can only pray-hope the government knows what they're doing. However, the likes of that looks extremely bleak.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Most Wicked Crash Ever

I was on my way to my Mod Math tuition and I was running late. It started raining and I that made me pick up my pace even more. Right outside the Tropika 2 entrance, my bike skidded across the slick concrete sidewalk and I toppled over, rolling. I got back up and went to tuition and had a great time joking and learning.

I am now typing this with a plaster over my right palm, scratches on my left palm, graze on my knee and a knee support pad because it feels funny. Oh and I ripped my Jeep jeans. T-T. I liked those very much.

Damage to bike*:
-twisted handlebars (fixed)
-brake handles at a funny angle (fixed)
-gear shift at a funny angle (fixed)
-allow brake handles scratched up (first in so many crashes)
-slightly disaligned front & rear tires (hmm...)
*paint job is obviously scratched

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shopping and Movies

Sorry about not updating my blog lately enough boys & girls. Haven't been in the mood lately. Poor excuse, I know.

Anyway, back to the post.

Today I went to the Gardens with my family to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at GSC Signature. Awesome theater. Awesome cars. The cars this time around are quite interesting. Most of the cast has been brought back with the exception of a couple but more robots have been thrown into the mix.

Autobot Sideswipe's vehicle form is drop dead sexy. Corvette Stingray concept. Then again, I have a soft spot for Corvttes. Haha. There aren't as many scenes that show off the vehicles as the first Transformers but the plot is very fast paced and my whole family was a little stunned and dissapointed when the movie ended. I would absolutely love to keep reviewing about the plot but I do not want to reveal any spoilers for any of my readers who have yet to catch the movie. Muahaha.

Anyway, here is Sideswipe's car form;

After the movie, we had lunch at Chili's. I had the Monterey Chicken. YUMMY! I definitely recommend it. It deserves to be stamped as a 'Chili Head Favorite'

We browsed in Robinson's a bit and I got two shirts. Hehe. While my dad and I were browsing through some shirts, Akid was sulking in a corner, wanting to swing by the LEGO store. So we did. After purchasing some shirts. Muahahaha! Some interesting things there. Those LEGO Technic sets look really awesome with working suspension and steering. Hmm...

My dad reminded me I needed a proper pair of rugby boots so we went to the Adidas store across to see if they had any rugby boots. I ended up with a pair of F50i TUNiT soccer boots. But don't go "Soccer? You need RUGBY boots!" just yet. The studs are suited for rugby and I can customize the length and how many studs I want on the boots. So they are perfect. You can drop your jaw at the price tag though; RM791

So now, I finally have a proper pair of rugby boots. Hehe

Here is a picture;