Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weighing One with Another

I changed places in class today. I want to give it a shot. My results have been horrible and I really REALLY want to turn them around. Naturally, Liyana isn't too pleased about it. Neither am I but I need to do this to try and turn my grades around. Unfortunately however, Syarul's books are still in the desk and I really am too lazy to move it.

I found I can focus better in my new place but unfortunately, its also lonelier. Liyana used to be right behind me so whenever I was bored or the teacher finally stop yapping, I could just turn around and just immerse myself in this safe sanctuary where I can escape the worries and pains of reality, be it even for the shortest while.

Hmm. Should I go back to my place in front of Liyana or stay at Syarul's old place beside Ayie? I don't know. I'm torn between my concern for the future and my care for the present.

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nabeel said...

i think u should stay in front of liyana.. it better