Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SMKBJ ExploRace/EcoCycle

I just completed SMKBJ's first Ecocyle or ExploRace as everyone calls it. It was a lot of fun. Wil Sern, Tze Yie, Shuet Yee & Sen Yong were a lot of fun. They were all great sports.

Tze Yie can hula hoop for 30 seconds! And that was her first time trying! She's good. Wil Sern was our guide as most of the track was in the Kubah-Serambi area. Shuet Yee & her brother were awesome. Especially during the second challenge where we had to tie our legs together and hop. Shuet Yee was very good during the third challenge; picking out what leaf belonged to which plant.

I blew my back tire. Hehe. But its fixed now. Went straight to the store in TTDI Jaya after the event. Faris's team came in first apparently.

I had a great time. Besides the blown tire. Time went by so fast. We should do it again.

Oh and Afif's team gave me their 100 Plus. Haha.

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