Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pizza & Friends

I'm back from Weii Syuen's get-together. Firstly, thanks a lot Weii Syuen, I had a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure we all did. I took a lot of candid pictures. Muahaha! And some wacky ones too, of course.

Anyway, before I went to SF Pizza, Michael ran into me in front of my tuition center. I was chatting a bit with Liyana and whether she should go to the gathering. I told her to make her own choice based on her own judgement.

She cycled home to discuss with her mom so Michael & I headed to SF Pizza first. We didn't see anyone we know so we swung by into a gift shop that apparently opened up quite recently.`

While we were about to leave, Tze Yie stepped in because she saw us. Haha. So the three of us headed to San Francisco and apparently, Sher Lin was already there so we greeted her. After a brief discussion over whether to sit inside or outside, we opted to sit outside where we could put more tables together in case we needed to.

We were enjoying ourselves, making stupid jokes when Weii Syuen arrived. She was carrying her DSLR camera and I remembered I left my camera at home. So I excused myself and sped home. To my pleasant surprise, Abah was already home so after praying, I grabbed the camera and Abah dropped me off. Thank you Abah.

When I got back, no one else had arrived and Weii Syuen's, Michael's, Tze Yie's and Sher Lin's respective drinks arrived. I --rather hurriedly-- ordered an Orange Punch. Which wasn't that great by the way. We ordered one Hawaiian pizza and one Quattro Sagione -- both large.

Shortly after that, Jerica swung by and decided to sit with us. Liyana decided to join us, completing the entourage.

While waiting for the pizzas -- they took half an hour by the way -- we chatted and laughed and mostly listened to Weii Syuen and Jerica gossiping away. Everyone cracked their share of jokes, told their stories and laughed their respective butts off. Haha. Everyone attacked the pizza really fast and I got some neat pics of Weii Syuen 'officiating' the second pizza. After the pizza was finished, I ordered a plate of Carbonara. Muahaha. It wasn't the best I had but it was OK.

Liyana took a -- sizable -- bite, so did Michael -- who took a lot less, and Weii Syuen who scraped up whatever remnants of sauce was left.

After a lot more chatting and flashes from cameras and joking and laughing, we asked one of the waitresses to snap group photos of us. Thank you, whoever you are.

Then everyone either headed back home or to tuition. I walked Liyana to her mom's car and then walked back to SF Pizza. Hehe.

I will upload the pictures to Facebook as soon as I can. I'm having some troubles with it. So sorry everyone!

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