Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Most Wicked Crash Ever

I was on my way to my Mod Math tuition and I was running late. It started raining and I that made me pick up my pace even more. Right outside the Tropika 2 entrance, my bike skidded across the slick concrete sidewalk and I toppled over, rolling. I got back up and went to tuition and had a great time joking and learning.

I am now typing this with a plaster over my right palm, scratches on my left palm, graze on my knee and a knee support pad because it feels funny. Oh and I ripped my Jeep jeans. T-T. I liked those very much.

Damage to bike*:
-twisted handlebars (fixed)
-brake handles at a funny angle (fixed)
-gear shift at a funny angle (fixed)
-allow brake handles scratched up (first in so many crashes)
-slightly disaligned front & rear tires (hmm...)
*paint job is obviously scratched

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