Monday, October 17, 2016

Thank you for being an amazing companion.  Thank you for always being such a loving cat, and for being amazingly adorable and caring.  You always greeted us every time we returned home.  You always wanted to be brought to the food bowl and you loved spending time with us.

You were so charming and amazing my friends would always ask how you were doing.  Your intelligence, sweetness, and love captured the hearts of so many, even those who'd never met you personally.

I know that whenever I left for Canada, you would go to my room looking for me.  You would do the same whenever one of us wasn't around for longer than usual.  You could count and you remembered people.  Whenever someone was home alone, they could be sure that you would be nearby, napping away, and occasionally pestering for food.  You were never needy in the way other cats were.  You enjoyed quiet moments when everyone was lounging about.  You loved being the centre of attention but you never wanted too many pets.

You had so many protocols and routines that, while occasionally tiresome, none of us ever truly grew tired of.  To you, eating was a social interaction and you loved it whenever we would push your kibbles around as you ate.  Your favorite thing to hunt was birds.  Rats were easy and posed little challenge.  You loved hunting birds so much that birds stopped landing in our yard.

You were a fierce fighter; fighting sickness and numerous challengers.  Your mere presence struck fear into the hearts of the neighborhood cats.  And yet, you were surprisingly caring.  Whenever a litter of kittens was born in our yard, you always seemed to look after them.  You always put on a front of machismo but you always had a tender side.  I remember once you climbed into bed to snuggle with me, and as soon as you figured I was actually awake you hopped off pretending that you weren't being adorable.

Thank you Peach Cooper, for an amazing decade with us.  I will continue to cherish every wonderful moment we've shared.  I hope you have found peace wherever you went, and that you are playing in fields with lots of birds to chase.

Until we meet again.