Monday, December 24, 2007

Political State of the Nation II

Recently, The Royal Malaysian Police had done a raid that affected the videogame stores in K.L. I understand that they wanted to 'ban' the stream of pirated videogames coming in. This has sparked minor outrage among the youth, as videogames are important to us. I stand among those upset with the ban. It isn't because we hate the goverment (except a certain few) but because they did the raid during the school holidays, leaving us bored to death (figuratively). What they're probably trying to do is cut us off from video games and then organize some event that'll bore the dead to, well, death. Yet, despite this, fake DVDs are still being sold and such stalls are actually springing up like daisies/mushrooms. Makes you wonder doesn't it. Why are the police scaring the videogame stores and not the DVD stalls? I don't want to jump to conclusions (but it's so fun, I can't help it) but one possible explanation is because they aren't good at playing videogames so out of jealousy, the boycott the videogames but not the DVDs. Another-more down to earth-explanation is that the DVD stalls give good bribes while the videogame stores don't bribe or not as much so are forced to stop selling. It's just a theory.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Veggies Gone Crazy

I was doing the grocery yesterday and spotted some veggies in the 'seafood' section. Bewildered and laughing my head off, I snapped some pictures. Not all though, was afraid of being chased out. I'm not going to tell which grocer but fellow Malaysians in Shah Alam might (might not) know. There was about 9 different sections all with veggies among fish. I've no idea why the did it and I'm not too keen on knowing why.

Broccoli among shrimp

Lemons on fish

Broccoli among crabs and fish

Spinach between fish

Broccoli among fish

Spinach among price tags and fish

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What's Your Morning Personality?

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Are You a Risk Taker?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emotional IQ Test

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Super IQ Test

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Signature Colors

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Classic IQ Test results

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You are equipped with a verbal arsenal that enables you to understand complex issues and communicate on a particularly high level. These talents make you a Word Warrior.

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Freedom of Speech

Despite the title, many people think that is it; the freedom to say and write whatever you want. News flash, WRONG! Freedom of speech means writing and saying whatever you want but responsibly. And a responsible politician is hard to come by (at least in Malaysia). There are one or two guys (Mahathir's definitely on that list, that's for sure) who are not politically corrupt (or not that bad), articulate speakers (if you don't know what articulate means, there's something called the dictionary), and actually has a (his/her own) vision for the country. This is probably going to get my ass in deep s___ but here it goes; A number (not all) of Badawi's plans, are from Mahathir. There was this project, a project that Mahathir lectured him for 2 years and he (Badawi) took an oath to carry out the plan. What did he do the moment he was in office? Scrapped it, that's what! But if you stop to ponder, this reflects human nature, we cannot trust ourselves with power. Unfortunately, we have to, in order to keep ourselves alive, and happy. The sum of all our fears isn't a nuclear holocaust, it isn't some alien coming down and wiping us out, it's ourselves. We alone have the power to protect ourselves or to destroy ourselves. Many have heard that the 'golden' question is 'what is our purpose on this planet?'. Some theorize it's because we're the only one who can protect the animals and the enviroment. But if we hadn't come into the picture, a multitude of animals wouldn't have gone extinct, the ozone layer wouldn't be thinning and the earth would go on. All we do is boss each other around, destroy the enviroment, and find ever more imaginative ways to destroy each other.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Achievement!

I like doing many sports. I'll be covering cycling today. I know it seems there isn't much to it but it's really fun. Try going out with friends. Just you guys and your bikes, exploring your neighbourhood. Push yourselves to the limit. Go off-road with the bikes or see who can maintain the lead for the longest (this is dangerous so make sure you have and secluded place). 15 Nov 2007, at 1730 hours; did the longest and craziest stunt! and I'm only 14! went down more than 200 feet of stairs! All on my trusty stock Nexus Series 9200 bike. It was insane! I could hardly reach the brakes due to all the jumping the bike did. Despite the being wet due to the Monsoon season here in Malaysia and previously subjected to heavy-duty-all-weather conditions the brakes worked like a charm (when I could reach them). All I was wearing was a pair of Diadora cargo shorts, my orange Nike t-shirt and my Nike Training gloves. I had done downstairs cycling before but this was the most wicked downstairs cycle I've done. The distance was over 200 feet! 200! Wonder what I'll do next... hmm...