Monday, December 24, 2007

Political State of the Nation II

Recently, The Royal Malaysian Police had done a raid that affected the videogame stores in K.L. I understand that they wanted to 'ban' the stream of pirated videogames coming in. This has sparked minor outrage among the youth, as videogames are important to us. I stand among those upset with the ban. It isn't because we hate the goverment (except a certain few) but because they did the raid during the school holidays, leaving us bored to death (figuratively). What they're probably trying to do is cut us off from video games and then organize some event that'll bore the dead to, well, death. Yet, despite this, fake DVDs are still being sold and such stalls are actually springing up like daisies/mushrooms. Makes you wonder doesn't it. Why are the police scaring the videogame stores and not the DVD stalls? I don't want to jump to conclusions (but it's so fun, I can't help it) but one possible explanation is because they aren't good at playing videogames so out of jealousy, the boycott the videogames but not the DVDs. Another-more down to earth-explanation is that the DVD stalls give good bribes while the videogame stores don't bribe or not as much so are forced to stop selling. It's just a theory.

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mia said...

......banning it because of jealousy...

where have i heard that before
dude, you burst a pipe cuz of one major raid...
when what you should be worried about the fact that hundreds of major raids are happening everyday yet there are still plenty of pirated dvds being sold and yes they are springing up like rooms' DESPITE the effort of the police and such.... i'm not being a patriot or anything... i do think that money are exchanging hands..that is true. the police are corrupted... not all. but enough to do damage.
the raid on the video games was a major one and it almost wiped out most of the pirated video games....but don't worry there are gonna be more and further in the future the pirated video games will be as huge as the pirated dvds and cds... just wait.

when that time comes....i'll whoop in joy. why should we buy cds from huge stars who (mostly) use them for drugs? when our (malaysian) local music scene are barely noticed?
ok enough bull from me.