Friday, December 21, 2007

Veggies Gone Crazy

I was doing the grocery yesterday and spotted some veggies in the 'seafood' section. Bewildered and laughing my head off, I snapped some pictures. Not all though, was afraid of being chased out. I'm not going to tell which grocer but fellow Malaysians in Shah Alam might (might not) know. There was about 9 different sections all with veggies among fish. I've no idea why the did it and I'm not too keen on knowing why.

Broccoli among shrimp

Lemons on fish

Broccoli among crabs and fish

Spinach between fish

Broccoli among fish

Spinach among price tags and fish


mia said...

maybe its a serving suggestion....

hey...i've seen worse in that particular supermarket.

mia said...

then again maybe we Malaysians are to lazy or have to big a butt to put the veggies in the right isle...

who knows...anything is possible in Malaysia.