Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Achievement!

I like doing many sports. I'll be covering cycling today. I know it seems there isn't much to it but it's really fun. Try going out with friends. Just you guys and your bikes, exploring your neighbourhood. Push yourselves to the limit. Go off-road with the bikes or see who can maintain the lead for the longest (this is dangerous so make sure you have and secluded place). 15 Nov 2007, at 1730 hours; did the longest and craziest stunt! and I'm only 14! went down more than 200 feet of stairs! All on my trusty stock Nexus Series 9200 bike. It was insane! I could hardly reach the brakes due to all the jumping the bike did. Despite the being wet due to the Monsoon season here in Malaysia and previously subjected to heavy-duty-all-weather conditions the brakes worked like a charm (when I could reach them). All I was wearing was a pair of Diadora cargo shorts, my orange Nike t-shirt and my Nike Training gloves. I had done downstairs cycling before but this was the most wicked downstairs cycle I've done. The distance was over 200 feet! 200! Wonder what I'll do next... hmm...

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