Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping for Gifts

Yesterday, my family & I went to KLCC because my mom wanted to buy some gifts for a friend who was going back to the US or something. But apparently he's a really great guy and everyone likes him because my mom managed to collect 2 Grand ++. Is that a lot or what? So we arrived around noon and had lunch at Burger King. I had their new Double Stacker and Akid had their Triple Stacker. Hmph. He's the one who needs to be watching his waist line. Anyway, afterwards, we went to Swatch and my parents browsed through the watches and came across this very, very nice Irony chronograph. Everyone agreed on it and we put it aside, saying we'd come back.

Before we left, my mom asked me which watch do I like -- because my current watch is falling apart and hinting for a new one for quite a while. Hehe. I had recently came across this neat watch from the online Fall-Winter catalogue and picked it. It looked neat but I wanted to compare it with another watch I had been eyeing. This one is from the Spring-Summer catalogue. In the end, I went for the 1st watch. Which is this one;

We asked the sales assistant to hold it for us -- a new shopping habit we've picked up. Then we went to Mont Blanc because my mom wanted to buy a pen-mechanical pencil set -- if they had a good deal, she said. We browsed a bit and while my mom went through a selection, I browsed around a bit. It's a good thing I don't have any heart problems because one of the pens cost Rm101,000. It's outrageous! Pens are used to document things. But now there's something called computers. For 100g, you can get a good car AND a really expensive laptop and still have lots of change. In the end, my mom only got one mechanical pencil. Though, being Mont Blanc, it rang in at about 1g, I'd say.

For the third gift, my mom wanted to buy him a wallet so we went to Braun Buffel. I helped pick out which one to get and my mom asked for it to be wrapped. I like the service at Braun Buffel because while waiting for the people at the store to wrap it, they gave us a bottle of water each.

After purchasing two of the three gifts, we headed back to Swatch. On the way, we stopped by Watson's for a few things and apparently, there were Playboy fragrances for sale. Didn't know they make fragrances. Haha. It was interesting to see -- no, no nude pictures. Then we went to Swatch and bought the gift watch and mine. But not before my mom asked which watch my brother liked -- he had been looking at some watches while I was trying mine.

My dad was going "uh oh, Mama. He's looking at those watches. Uh oh, he's thinking," before we left for Mont Blanc earlier. And you guessed, he got it. But I'm not really complaining, his old watch -- like mine -- is kinda bad. At least its not as expensive as his last watch.

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