Sunday, April 21, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

In light of the impending elections, many are tired of BN and are calling for a change of government.  To my friends who can vote, take a moment to think whether the options truly are better than BN.

I am not saying BN is good and squeaky clean, nor am I trying to shove my ideology down your throat.  But take a moment to read up, think, listen to ALL sides (pro-Bn, pro-Opp, & neutrals).  Listen to their arguments.  Research whether the claims are true or smear campaigns (they are so rampant these days), whether their arguments hold water, and then re-evaluate whether a change in government really is in the interest of the people.  If it is, then by all means, vote for it. :)

Remember; there is no such thing as a clean politician.

I personally have heard very few complaints against the Opposition and that scares me.  It scares me because I do not know their lies.  It scares me because the people may have been blinded by their frustration with BN, and as a result, blindly follow the Opposition.  What if, just what if, history repeats itself.  Is the Opposition a reincarnation of the MPAJA wherein it is still a better option than suffering at the hands of the Japanese?  Or are the Opposition actually the Japanese who invaded Malaya?  Whispering sweet nothings to win our hearts only to later rule with a cruelty that still sends shivers down our spines?

I have heard many many complaints (let's just call them complaints for the sake of simplicity) about BN, & I'm OK with that.  Because I know they're corrupt.  Because they know that they're being watched and that they must tread carefully.  It is good because exposing all those lies means we have them by the balls.  What of the Opposition?  Are they truly good?  Or are they good at hiding their lies?

One thing that bothers me is that few people question at what cost will we get our wants?  Some of the things the people want is free education. the Opposition promises this to the people.  I say nay!  If we get free education, we cannot complain if we get shitty education.  The government is very likely to play the we-gave-you-free-education-how-dare-you-complain card.  The people want cheaper fuels.  The Opposition promises cheaper fuels.  Will that not only make the problem of illegally smuggling & selling fuel more rampant?  Will it not also potentially increase the national debt?  When fuel prices in Malaysia 'drop', it's because the government is footing the bill.  I've seen complaints that our country's debt is sky high.  How will dropping fuel prices, thereby increasing the government's spending, reduce our debt?

Other matters such as the LGBT float around in my mind.  The Opposition is made up of PR, DAP, and PAS.  PR and DAP may make motions to protect the rights of the LGBT community in Malaysia.  PAS on the other hand is a conservative party and will not allow it as LGBTs go against the teachings of Islam.  Which will prevail?  Will it not cause internal strife?  How does that then bode for the people?

I do not say that BN is better, not at all.  I am merely asking; is the Opposition truly what it is cut out to be?  If they are, then by all means, power to the Opposition! But if things are not a bed of roses (which is the more likely of the two) is the Opposition truly a better choice?

These are my own opinions.  Do comment and share your own views and opinions. :)

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