Friday, December 12, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 6)

"Luther, Anna, follow us," spoke Jonathan and they headed towards the sleeping quarters while Maya and Aaron headed towards the teleconference room. It was a cozy room. It had an oval table with eight chairs; four chairs on either side. One of the walls for the room was replaced with several glass panes. Two adjacent panes doubled as doors.

Maya sat down facing the glass panes. Aaron merely stood in one of the corners. This made Maya feel guilty. As though she had been the cause of all this and she didn't even know what it is that she had caused. Aaron’s cold demeanor only made her feel worse. Soon Samantha and Jonathan stepped in and took their seats across from Maya. Only then did Aaron settle in beside Maya.

"Maya, do you know what happened tonight?" started Jonathan.

"I know what happened but I don’t know why it happened. Why are we here? Why are we hiding? How long has this been here? Who were the people at the dance? Why did Aaron rush me out of the school? What does Aaron and his friends have to do with this? Why were Luther and Anna waiting in -" and Jonathan held up his hand, asking Maya to stop.

"I know you have a million questions you want to ask and they will all be answered in due time. But first, your mom and I have something to tell you. We've been keeping it from you all this while,"

"Maya," this time Samantha spoke, "you’re a witch,"
"A witch? As in riding on a broomstick and casting spells kind of witch?" Maya asked, disbelieving.

"No, not casting spells and riding a broomstick but yes a witch. You can do virtually anything and at your will. Every witch has a different… how to say it? A gift so to speak; a particular power they are exceptionally skilled at. These are the earliest powers to surface but unfortunately, these powers also happen to be the latest to mature so you will have minimal control over them even though you can do everything else with ease. But once they mature, they will be your greatest power. That is why you look so attractive and share minimal attributes from either of us; you're a shape-shifter. But all your powers have their limits," paused Samantha.

"What about dad?"

"Only women inherit the power," spoke Jonathan softly; pleased that at least Maya was having hysterics.

"What about Aaron, Luther and Anna? What do they have to do with this?"

"I’ll tell you later," said Aaron; not looking at Maya and before Samantha or Jonathan could say anything. Maya was slightly offended but trusted that Aaron would tell her later. Maya was beginning to wonder whether Aaron asking her to the dance was his own decision or her parents way of keeping tabs.

"What about the people at school? Who were they? How come no one heard the helicopters fly overhead?" Maya asked.

"Because there weren’t any helicopters and those people are members of a secret organization. They believe that all Nightlings should stand up against the humans. You know; no more living in secrecy and fear kind of stuff," explained Samantha.

"Nightlings? What are those?" Maya enquired further, bewildered by the term.

"Creatures of the night; vampires, lycanthropes, witches and warlocks," explained Samantha. Maya noticed Aaron flinch at that last word.

"What about this hideout? When was it built? By who? And why?"

"It was built by those of the Nightlings who wish to keep our existence a secret. We are just as formidable a force as our opponent," explained Jonathan.

"Who are 'our opponents' exactly? I mean why did they come after me? If they were all about protecting the Nightlings and raging war against humans, why did they come after me like that? Couldn’t they have approached me more discreetly?" Maya asked; trying to clarify as to why they had stormed into the school in such a manner.

"Well, as to who they are, they call themselves the Night Warriors. Defenders of the secret world, so to speak. And as to why they did that… um… Samantha? Could you explain this to Maya?" Her dad’s cracking voice told Maya what she was about to hear wasn’t going to be pleasant and so she braced herself.

"Maya, their leader; Jean Dubois is a vampire. He has two vices; blood and women. He must’ve caught your scent and is after you," Samantha spoke, her voice cracking.

"What you saw tonight is just a fraction of what he is capable of. He has a whole army at his command. We’re not safe here. Sooner or later, he’ll find the hideout but by then, it would have been sealed off," she murmured.


majestic said...

hey. sorry for the late reply.
hahaha. yea i know. to get the right one, you have to go through the bad ones first.

i haven't read the book, but i've watched the movie. it was okay. edward cullen...*sigh*...need i say more...i was drooling over him while watching the movie. huhuhuhuhu.

majestic said...

oh yes. i know aboout that. his quotes made girls fell head over heels for him.

i want to buy the books and read them all, get myself prepared for the movie sequels. :)

robert pattinson. *melting*


majestic said...

thanks dear. u hv jz put a smile on my face. :)

mia said...

nice twist...
good, very very very good, its like alex rider meets night world meets twilight!!!
fantastic! really good job.

but i think that Maya should pause in shock before she asks if its the broomstick flying, spell casting spells, and put in a hysteric voice and its very nearly perfect.
Majestic, I AGREE!!! Robert! hot!hot!