Monday, December 1, 2008

Finished Twilight!

As the title implies, I've finished Twilight! In under 24 hours! As I seem to be doing with so many of my recent novels. Goddamn it, I have to learn to stop reading so quickly. Painfully enough, I can catch the details. Aargh! I need to, for the sake of averting boredom from settling in.

I'm interested to buy the next book in the Twilight saga; New Moon but I'm not sure my dad would agree to buying 3 books in ONE school holiday... Oh well, no harm trying eh?

Au revoir, that's all for now. Merci tres beaucoup.


faez said...

Read slower next time Aqil. Its not much fun once you've finished it.haha

Syuen said...

Jealous much

aisyah said...

yes. i have blog :)

C's said...

i got all the collections,
wanna rent?

finly, u confessed the best of the book!