Friday, December 12, 2008

New Moon

I finished New Moon in under 24 hours! I started reading it at 8 p.m. and finished at 5 p.m.! That's the third book in a row that I've finished under 24 hours. To my surprise, I finished New Moon faster than I finished Twlight. Funny. New Moon is thicker by about 100 pages or so.

It's a good book. A hard one to get hold of too. I went to two MPHs and both stated they were out of stock. I had to get it from Borders. The plot is nice. Deeper than Twilight. I kinda understand how Bella feels when Edward leaves her. The emptiness afterwards I mean.


rory said...

I thought new moon was boring. Because Bella seriously was a mess and quite frankly pathetic.

zain said...

no way man.unbelievable :O

mia said...

i agree with rory, new moon was depresing, and the plot is the same as the first book.
edward leaves bella alone, bella gets in trouble, edward tries to help, did not happen and he tried to kill himself, and she saves a way.