Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 4)

To Maya’s surprise, Sara was right. The next day, Samantha and Maya stayed at home, Jonathan came over. They spent the day together playing board games and basically having a good time. It felt good to be a family again. Maya wondered why her parents had divorced. They seemed so happy together.

At 6, Maya started to get ready. By 7:45 she was ready and went downstairs.

"Wow Maya. Every guy there is going to dump their girl right there on the spot," commented her dad.

At 8 sharp, the doorbell rang. Jonathan opened the door. Aaron was dressed in a black Armani all black tuxedo with an apple red satin tie. It was a very simple outfit but seemed to accentuate Aaron’s physique.

"Evening, sir; I’m here to bring Maya to the dance?" greeted Aaron.
"Evening, you must be Aaron. Nice wheels. Charger?" enquired Jonathan, noticing Aaron’s car.
"Yes, sir," chuckled Aaron.
"Oh, he IS dashing," whispered Samantha into her daughter’s ear,”
"Mom," she hissed.
"Well, stay safe dear. Aaron, I expect her back by 11,"
"Yes, ma’am,"

Aaron held the passenger open for Maya and then climbed in himself.

"You look stunning tonight. Did you pick that on personal initiative or was it on Sara’s advice?"
"Thanks. And it was more like I chose it and Sara agreed. Who were the other kids sitting at the table with you?"
"I see. Well, you have good tastes. Um… put it this way; our parents go way back. So in a way they’re almost like family friends,"
"Oh. Uh… how do you afford all this? I mean if you’re rich, why don’t you go to a private school or something?"
"Well, I’ve never liked the crowd at those private schools. They always seem snobbish. Besides, life at a public school is far more eventful. At least it is to me. So what about you Maya? Where did you come from?"
"Oh, I was from Richmond. My mom insisted we move here because I had somewhat of an argument with my ex,"
"Oh? What kind of argument?"
"I'd rather not talk about it,"
"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable,"

Soon, they were in the school compound and before Maya could react, Aaron was holding the door open for her.

"How did you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Hold the door open?"
"I walked around the car and opened the door," answered Aaron sarcastically
"No, I mean how did you get to the door so quickly?"
"What do you mean? I jogged around the car if that's what you mean. Maybe you drifted off a bit," Aaron evaded and Maya decided to leave it at that.

When the band started to play Lost, Aaron leaned over to Maya.

"Would you care for a dance?"

Forcing herself to calm down, Maya took Aaron’s hand. As they got into position, Aaron could feel Maya’s heart thump rather quickly.

"Am I making you nervous or are you not that comfortable with dancing?"
"A bit of both but its been a while since I last danced," admitted Maya.
"Then let me lead you," and sure enough, they were doing perfectly fine.


mia said...

aww, i liked the bit bout the all black suit and red tie (very nice)
and the absolute last part where Aaron said "i;ll lead you" that was sweet.
as a reply to your last post, hmmm, i won't really know what dancing with a guy you like feels like... i mean i have danced with a few guys who i dont (punjabi sangeet...long story)
but what i do know is that we don't panic on the spot, its more of a slow panic feeling that rises in your chest, a feeling of total "what the hell am i supposed to do-ness" and as for the dancing part, i guess first she'll feel uncomfortable, but then she'll grow used to dancing with him and maybe feel closer to him. if not, well, its either he ain't giving her anything to be close to or he is just not right for her.
BTW, when did you get good at fashion? i think you beat me and most females at my school, except for fuzzy, with a name like that, there is no surprise faz is good in dressing up and makeup... she has more lip glosses in her vanity than a local Guardian store and told me why i cant wear skinny jeans. and try and make Aaron more mysterious, it seems that Aaron comes of to me like a jock... a polished and courteous jock but still to simple to be a vamp or whatever Nightling creature you plan him to be... i think he should have an aura of mystery and secrecy... maybe something dangerous yet gentle about him....dunno, just a suggestion.

mia said...

dude, that was a fast reply, what do you mean part by part?
and plz read my new post and comment n it.
is it funny?

rory said...

UMMMM it screams twilight but ur just making the lead male a bit less spectaculour. especially when he opens the car door . reminds me when edward was beside bella when she was about to get hit. You should really make it more less twilight like. and armani huh?

C's said...

this is so like twilight