Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 2nd of the Month Has Arrived

Well, December 2nd has arrived. Only another 3 weeks or so till the PMR results come out. Noo! It's also another 19 days till mom gets back from Canada. We'll see what she brings back. Hopefully then we'll go shopping.

*Sigh*. There really is nothing to do now. Maybe I'll get back to my attempts at writing a book. I want a laptop! That way I can do whatever I want without my bro bugging me and/or trying to read over my shoulder 24/7. If I get a laptop, I'm clearing out the favorites on my user. That way, my bro can't trace my blog. He's not that tech savvy. Lazy too. Not to forget cocky. Serve him right for getting lectured -- literally -- to tears by my dad.

Anyway, today's been a tough day. My bro is not helpful (never has been) and to aggravate things, I have a cold. Perfect. Just perfect. Can my day get any better? Oh wait, it just did; today happens to be one of the MOST important days on my calendar. And I forgot! WTF man?! How could I have forgotten?! Why today? Of all days? AAARGH!!!

I feel like Edward. I'm never upset at her. Always at myself...


zain said...

dude,chill man

FaezAsyraf said...

YEAH MAN! Chilllll..... its how we gentlemen role.