Friday, December 19, 2008

Weii Syuen's Gathering

It's been what? 4, 5 posts since I last published a chapter of The Nightlings. I really should get back to writing it.

But first, I want to publish something about Weii Syuen's gathering today (19th December 08). It was a blast! I definitely like tight knit parties better then the full blown everyone-is-invited kinda party. Mun Yee, Mayin, Jasmine, Sher Lynn and my girl; Liyana. We had a blast. First we watched the Love Guru. It was hilarious! I definitely recommend it. But it can be a bit vulgar so I don't recommend watching it with your younger siblings. Unless they're also teens or can get the joke.

Then we had a water balloon fight. But for some reason, it always bounced off everyone. It only burst on the ground so only the hems of our pants were wet. Funny. Since it was tiring to fill all the balloons, everyone just grabbed one, filled it up and let the pressure shoot it out like a water gun. Some used the hose and some used the bucket. Michael broke one of'em. The buckets that is. I was the first one to get wet. Courtesy of Michael.

Arriving right on cue, Weii Syuen's mom with pizza! I had two slices. One from each pizza. One was Hawaiian Chicken, the other was Beef Pepperoni. While eating, I managed to crack a few jokes. We all had a good time.

After the pizza, we decided to walk around the park. Well, more like parks actually. Liyana and I went barefoot as we were the only ones who wore shoes. Everyone else wore slippers. This was just as fun as the water fight. Weii Syuen had quite a time snapping pictures of us. While we were at one of the emptier playgrounds, we chatted. We were really chattering. It was fun. We left Weii Syuen's house around 5 and headed back around 7. Wow. That was a long time. After changing, Liyana and I 'talked' a bit. It was really REALLY GREAT to be able to see her again. God I missed her.

At around 7:15, I left and now here I am, typing this blog, wrapping it up.

Thanks Weii Syuen for the great hospitality and for knowing how to have fun. Merci tres beacoup

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