Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday, 11th Dec 08

I know, boring title. Please bear with me. Today my dad took leave and we we planned to go out to Mid Valley. But my dad had a few errands to run so we arranged our "flight plan" so to speak. First we would head towards to Cheras to drop off a package. Then a slight detour to send our CRV for service. From there we would either hail a cab or catch a bus to Mid Valley.

One small snag; we forgot that Selangor was on leave today so we were greeted by an unsightly experience; rushing against the clock while facing jam after jam. This persisted even on the way home. Aargh! But upon arrival at Mid Valley, we were determined not to let it ruin our day.

1st stop of the day; brunch. Yes, we had to skip breakfast. We woke up a little later than planned so haste was necessary. We had brunch at Chilli's. I had their Lamb Shoulder and ordered their Pina Cholada. Yeehaw! After the meal, we chatted a bit. It's a family tradition. Somehow the topic of drawling came up and my bro and I started. My dad had a good laugh. Yeehaw!

Afterwards, we headed for MPH. To get there alone we had to face what was like a recreation of the traffic we just gone through on the road. Oh, and I wanted to get New Moon. BADLY. My earlier attempt at SACC was unsuccessful as they had run out of stock. Then I was hit with another surprise; the MPH Superstore in Mid Valley was out of stock! That is a first for my family. The series must be a HUGE hit. I have a feeling a majority of the fans are girls. Just a feeling, don't get touchy.

So my bro, my dad, and a disappointed me, left MPH and headed for Metrojaya to see their selection of school uniforms. Blagh. Poor selection. Dissatisfied, we browsed a bit more and then headed across to the Gardens. We shot straight to Robinsons since my dad had a *cough* platinum *cough* membership. I bought a pair of slacks there. There was a cool jacket from Blend there. Stone grey. Nice design. The thing costs RM329. T-T *sob* *sniff* *sniff*. Why must jackets be so expensive?

Anyway, afterwards we went to Borders upstairs. I was determined to get New Moon. *Laughing like someone who just lost it & twitching*. Thankfully they had it. Phew. Finally. My bro went looking for a book on drawing. He couldn't find it and so he bought only a sketchpad. The one he was using kept falling apart. Not surprising since it was an exam pad, not a sketchpad. He's not half-bad at it actually. Drawing I mean.

Then we headed back to Mid Valley's North Entrance by DOME to try and catch a cab. Eventually we did but after queueing up for like 1/2 an hour. Crazy. So many people were waiting there. When we finally got a cab, I dozed off on the way back to the service center. After picking up the CRV, I dozed off again.

It is now 23:39 and I am wrapping up this post. Au revoir

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