Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Nightlings (Pt. 2)

Maya and Jonathan pulled into a used car lot. Jonathan's truck told Maya her dad was coming 5 minutes before it arrived. She swore not to get anything that loud. While Maya started to look through, her dad had a quick word with the owner. Soon she was beside Maya.

"Your dad tells me you're looking for your first car. Can I suggest a white '83 Mitsubishi Colt? Its a solid car. Being a Japanese car, its also easy on the gas. It isn't what you'd call powerful but its a great city slicker,"

"Mind if I take a look?"

"Not at all. Right this way,"

While Jonathan drove to work, Maya drove back home in her newly acquired Colt. On impulse, Maya decided to drive by the school. It was the last day of the Summer break so she might as well take a peek. The school complex was very nice. Double story, red brick and a rather spacious parking lot for the students.

The next morning, Maya was awakened by an alarm clock. Her mom must've put it there to make sure she woke up on time. Climbing out of bed, she headed for the bathroom. While brushing her teeth, she studied herself in the mirror. Maya was about 5' 3" and had flowy auburn hair. She had very full eyes and her eyes were a brilliant hazel color. She had always liked her eye color but wondered why she had them. Her mom was blue and her dad was green. Her face was actually very exqusite. Almost exotic. She had a very nice skin tone. She noticed that those from South-East Asia had this tone. She also had a very lean body. Many guys flipped over her but it still bugged her that she didn't have much of either of her parents' physical attributes. Almost zip. Sure it was a body she practically dreamed for but it was a bit unnerving. All in all, Maya was an extremely attractive girl.

Entering the student parking lot, she was relieved to see that most of the students drove something like hers, nothing fancy. But apparently one student liked to show off. Down the parking lot was racy red Dodge Charger SRT8. After collecting her schedule, she headed for her first class. For the first half of the day, no one really spoke to her. But at least she didn't have to introduce herself in front of the class.

While she was queuing up at the cafeteria, a girl approached her. The girl was quite pretty, blonde-haired but seemed sensible.

"You're the new girl right? Why don't you come sit with my us?"

"Um... Sure, why not?"

"Great, I'm Sara,"


The girl led Maya to a table where a group of students sat and started the introductions. There were 3 guys there and all seemed a little over-excited to see Maya. She noticed that there was a striking brunette at the other corner kind of glaring at her. Maybe one of the guys was her boyfriend. Maya just shrugged it off. While she was eating, Maya noticed a table at the other end of the cafeteria. Even though it was the other end, she had an uninterrupted view. They were two guys and two girls sitting there. All of them had jet black hair. They sat laughing and joking like everyone else. They seemed just like another group of friends but something about them seemed different. But before Maya could figure out what it was, the bell rang and everyone headed to their next class.

For the rest of the week, Maya forgot about the group from the other table. She was busy getting used to the tempo of the classes and trying to ignore the boys who were a little over-eager to introduce themselves. Until English on Thursday when Sara approached her.

"So, anyone asked you yet?"

"Huh? Asked me where? For what?"

"You don't know? You definitely need to pay closer attention to the notice boards. Fall dance is coming up. No one's asked you yet? Funny considering that many of the guys are going gaga over you,"

"They are not," hissed Maya.

"They are too. Anyway, now you know one of the reasons why they're a little over-eager to get to know you. Well, that, plus the fact that you're a total bombshell," and Sara walked away, giggling, before Maya could say anything else.

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