Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I hate being sick. It makes everything seem crappy. Being sick just aggravates the fact that I'm bored to death stuck at home. Aargh! Nothing to do! I want to know that I got 8A's. I'm practically a wreck at the moment.

Gah! Why must the school holidays be such a drag?! There's very little to do as it but with the restrictions I face, my options of activities either completely go out or become repetitious like hell... I want to go shopping now that the Sale has started! But my dad says to wait till my mom gets back. There's nothing to do! I'm beginning to lapse into either cabin fever or the winter blues. But it doesn't snow in Malaysia. Aaargh! I'm going nuts! I want to buy New Moon! I can only hope my dad will say yes...

There are very few factors keeping me within the boundaries of sanity. But I think the main reason is my girl. Chatting with her really helps. I'm not saying I'm going overboard here but you know how it is. For those who have Twilight, the best way I can describe it is how Edward feels whenever he has to leave Bella's side. The Michael Bublé songs also keep me calm. I think because it reminds me of her as well. See, told you she was the main reason.

I feel much better but I'm still bored so I think I'll put forth a questionnaire or something later.


Reysha Carlton , said...

A shrink? What's a shrink?

Reysha Carlton , said...

Oh. Uhh.. That's a pretty good idea. I've always wanted to try that. Do you know any?