Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sneakers & Sandals

As the title suggests, this has something to do with footwear. It's difficult to find footwear that will last at least 3 years in terms of not falling apart. Most will fall apart after 3 months. My current sneakers held up for about a year+ thankfully. But now it's falling apart so I need a new one. No more Nike for me. But I'm still not getting Adidas. Yes, I'm a Nike person for life. But I'm not buying any Nike from Malaysia. Minimal quality control -- if there is any to start with.

I'm considering either Puma, Fila or Skechers for my next sneakers. I'm hoping it won't fall apart either. Those Fila sneaks aren't that bad. Neither are the Skechers. I'm torn between going for the tennis shoe-style sneakers or for the hardy hiking boots... If I go for the hiking boots, I'll look for Colombia or something. Hm... I think it's time I had somewhat of a makeover. Tennis shoe-styled sneakers it is.

As for the sandals, that's just something I decided to add to the title.


syazzone said...

yours shoes lasted a year ONLY?
my shoes doesnt wear out for more than 3 years.

FaezAsyraf said...

A year? haha
Mine last atleast one and a half. lol
well, I dont really like wearing sport shoes for outting purposes:)
i usually wear canvas. sorry...
But tennis shoe-styled sneakers aren't bad. go for it:D

majestic said...

a year? i still have my sneakers yg i bought like when i am still in high school k. hehehe. but then again, i dun wear it on daily occasion.

anyways, legends of the fall? brad pitt right? maybe i should consider it for my next round of movie week.

syazzone said...

well, just buy a new one then to replace it.

rory said...

yeah i was trying to make it sound like a list.

syazzone said...

ouh. i wont.
anyway, im now focusing the drums rite now. so, im not really practicing my guitar very much. but, i still play with it.