Saturday, November 29, 2008

Night Time Photography in Putrajaya

Today was rather eventful. It was also quite tiring. I felt as though I shouldn't be blogging but I just have to. Blogger to the core, eh? Anyway, one of my cousins on my dad's side got hitched today. It was a very emotional event to my surprise. Before hitting the road, we stopped by and had some snack at McD Banting. Nice facade but a little iffy about hygiene. While queueing up, there were two other customers in front; a family and a couple. When it was the family's turn to order, then only they wanted to decide what to buy. A royal pain in the ass, I'm telling you. After we ate, all of us had to use the toilet so I went in before my brother. When I wanted to step out, some kiasu Chinese (no offence to my Chinese friends) tried to push his way past my bro. Nearly slaughtered the little bugger.

Then we hit the road heading back towards Shah Alam. By this time it was already around 7:15+ so my dad proposed we stop by Putrajaya to pray Maghrib. We just made it on time. Phew. After that, I asked my dad if it was OK if we went around a bit to see Putrajaya at night. I have to admit, night-time photography can be quite tricky. I managed to get quite a few good pictures.

By the time we got home, it was around 10+ so we had dinner first then only we took a bath. Now it's 12:35 and I'm wrapping up this blog. I've uploaded only the best picture. Sorry guys.

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