Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Form 3

The holidays have already started and it's really an occasion which I personally have trouble with almost every time. But that's a story for another time. Anyway, I'm really going to miss Form 3. For me, it's really been my 'formative year' so to speak. I learned a bit more about my family lineage, especially on my dad's side. I've always assumed that whatever mixed blood I had would have been washed out over the generations but apparently it isn't so. I'm apparently half Mandailing and what consists the other half, or segments of it, I don't know. My mom had said something about someone up the family tree being a chinese. There I go again, getting sidetracked.

Besides learning a bit about my lineage and heritage, I learned I was a romantic. I didn't know I had this trait prior to Form 3 and I still don't know where I got it from. I also realized an interest for history and folklore. Particularly Malaysian history and folklore. Then there's the relationship everyone won't stop talking about. So what I like a girl in my class? Why won't everyone cut us some slack? Is it because I kneel down at her desk whenever we chat? Is it because I asked her personally rather than via SMS? I don't brag about it or anything so why should ours be anymore controversial than Ezu's?

On a different note, there's that family bond that our class has. Although Beta's bond seems to be stronger. Plus, we won't be doing anymore Civic Days. I'm going to miss doing these things. Hopefully next year will be as eventful as this though I doubt it. Imagine, we did the Civic Carnival, Fund(D) Galore, and STILL find time to study for our 2 trials and PMR. Wow! We've really pushed ourselves. Unfortunately nothing in life is free. I had to give up on the weekly Firefighter Cadet meetings even though I was elected Pengerusi. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; what a brilliant leader I am. I think Syazwan will get it next year. Kids are cruel but it's OK. I skipped so many meetings anyway so Syazwan deserves it. And personally, I want out of the Firefighter Cadet committee. I'm more interested in the PRS committee.

I'm really going to miss Form 3. Even though most of us will (hopefully) still be here next year, it still won't be the same.


DAYANA said...

It's nice that you're a romantic. That trait is not so common among your kind! haha :p
Anyway, about your relationship thing. Don't take it too seriously la, I guess? People will always, I mean, ALWAYS have their opinions. You can tell them to shut up but you can't really tell them to stop thinking it.
That's not my point, though. I don't know what is it about people. It's FOR SURE not because you asked her personally. I respect that of you, and if it were me, I'd prefer it to be that way too. I HATE text-message-based relationships. I swear I do >:/
And what does it matter really what ppl say or think or do?
I don't understand it anymore than you do. I agree that there isn't a reason why yours should be, as you put it, "more controversial" than Ezu's, BUT, - I'm sorry, there's always a "but", and I'm just being honest - so yeah, BUT, maybe it's because you guys are so good together and you're together all the time. So maybe some people are not too comfortable? I'm not sure! just don't let anything get to you. or get between you and her.

SORRY FOR THE LONG COMMENT! did you want me to comment on other things as well? let me know :S haha.

faez said...

it's not how people jugde you,
it's how we judge ourself:D
they're all just jealous it think.
even i am sometimes...
seeing couples coupling. haha