Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Guys! Pay Attention!

Before I start, I simply have to say something; a thousand thank yous to QM & Rory for their insightful explanation on why girls go head over heels for Edward Cullen. Well, now that that's out of the way, let's get started, shall we?

Guys, now you know what it takes to make a girl melt, melt them. Grow some balls. Treat them with respect. Don't ever EVER treat them as an equal; treat them like they meant the world to you. It goes more than just holding the door open for them. You have to respect them. Don't go all mushy. Yes, you have to say how you feel but don't go overboard. Study what Edward says and how he says it. But never NEVER take one of his quotes if the object of your affection is a die hard fan of the Twilight Saga. You'll be dumped in a heartbeat. Unless you state you're quoting from Edward. If you are, it will help. But something personal is always better.

Girls also like a guy who is creative. For example; when proposing, don't you dare SMS. Turn off that phone! Ask her face to face. And make it memorable for crying out loud. It's not that difficult. This small change in technique will help you. You also have to listen to what she says. Especially to things that concern her interest, well-being and well... just listen to every goddamn thing she says.

And be romantic. If the girl likes beautiful sentences, step it up a notch. Write her a song if she has a thing for musicians or if you're a lyricist. If you're really good, write and serenade her song to her. Poems if that's what you're good at. Eitherwise, excellently crafted sentences will have to do. But if you're really out of ideas, a love poem or a quote from Romeo & Juliet will just have to do. And don't go overboard here either. Don't just compliment her physical attributes, as stunning as it may be. You have to look at a girl as another person. She has a personality, intelligence, sense of humor. Also pay attention to what she does under certain situations. Take note and be sure to mention it in your compliments. It'll help because it'll show that your attention is her and on her alone.

Despite this, don't be a yes-man. Be firm but not strict. And you have to be ready to make compromises here and there. In turn, she will do the same. Besides, playful argument spices up any relationship. Hehe.

Now a footnote for the girls;
Please comment if I made any mistakes in any of the statements above. I will correct them. Merci tres beaucoup.


faez said...

You have been studying having you.
Thanks a bunch. Now that you've done a blog about what a girl wants in a guy, try doing one for us guys. We too have feeling you know.
Lets see if they can keep up:P

rory said...

so wht if im a twilight freak? And FYI the soundtrack came before the movie.But i guess u being so OUT OF DATE didnt knw tht. So ur forgiven for being lame.

athirah said...

Lol; Faez