Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Fill Your Time During the School Holidays

This isn't exactly a straight-forward 1, 2, 3 post like my previous one; "Things I Want to do Now That PMR is Over". It's more of an advise-giving type. I know it can be boring but please, bear with me for a bit.

For those in form 3, going on form 4, I suggest you roughly map out your plan to further your studies. For example, if you're aiming for an Ivy League college, which one? Is it the best college for your interests? What are the chances of being accepted? Which course will you be taking? What are the basics for each course? What career options will be available to you should you pursue that particular course? Are the career options what you want/does it suit you?

Let's say some of you have already mapped it out or are already pursuing that trail or are not yet at that age, pursue something beneficial. I know, I know, same old lecture; "do something beneficial, don't waste your time," blah blah blah. But put it this way, it doesn't have to mean doing brain teasers or something like that.

Us form 3s especially are sick of having to read up books (save for novels). So do something healthy instead. Excercise, work out, stay fit. Maybe for those with weight problems start going on a diet (though I doubt anyone within my circle of readers has a weight problem). If you like history, go visit the sites and museums. Pick up a third language. Whatever you want. Now is the time to really unwind before gearing back up for our PMR results and form 4.

Au revoir

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