Tuesday, November 18, 2008

School Holidays

Well, the school holidays are already in full swing. Naturally for many of us teenagers, boredom settles in. I guess despite being the dot.com generation, we still have the need to interact face to face with people we know. Specifically, our friends. Ironic, huh? I envy those who have the privilege to hang out with their friends at malls and such. Enjoy it.

The first 2 days after I got back from the Malacca field trip, I didn't feel like myself. It was as though I left something behind. You guys (and gals) know what I mean? Never mind if you don't. I feel much better now. No violent tendencies or contemplating suicide, don't worry. I've never been much of a socialite so I don't miss my friends as much as I miss her. The epitome of joy is only truly achieved once you share something special with someone special. And no, that something special isn't a kid. Not yet. Not until the knot is tied. Hehe. Syazwan, I think you have some idea of what I'm going through...

Hopefully tomorrow we'll go swimming. I really want to be able to do my laps again. Need to assess how much damage was done by about 11 months of not swimming. Maybe I'll start working out, now that I have a lot of free time on my hands. Writing like this really helps me.

Au revoir jusqu'à la fois prochaine (good bye till next time)


A Keeper said...

aww, so sweet to her, anyway, whats your email add??
You bored this few days?

.syazzee. said...

haha. i have no idea wht u're going tru..haha.=P

btw, thx for the anyway. i think i noe how to change it..haha.

majestic said...

its me, kakyong. omg. dun ever call me that ok? i had to say it out loud this time, cz u may not recognized me. but jz this one time. ok? hohohoho.

its been quite a while since i last met you. dh school holiday kn? i'm starting my three-month holiday next week. maybe we can catch a movie or something. ajak aqid skali. miss you guys.


.syazzee. said...

ouh. idk.. haha.=P