Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kuala Selangor's History

Yesterday I went to pay a visit the historical Bukit Malawati with my dad and bro. The journey there was more troublesome than it was tiring due to the numerous "hero kampung" on the road. Anyway, we bought our tickets and boarded a tram to get to the top of the hill.

The original canons were still there and there were quite a sight. Speaking of sights, the view from on top of Bukit Malawati is truly a sight to behold. You can see the river mouth of the Selangor River. It also gives you quite a view of the Straits of Malacca. We visited the museum there and I learned a great deal more about Selangor. I also learned a bit more about my heritage as a Mendailing. Something the history books leave out; the Bugis and Mendailing had a stronger influence over Selangor than the Malays.
The museum even put on the display several items of interest; Selangor's first flag, a replica of the armor used by the Bugis, Bugis handicraft, and two Sundangs (the largest in the kris family). There was also the Batu Hampar or Bedrock. A piece of bedrock measuring 5x5x1 ft. There are two contradicting theories behind Batu Hampar. The first one is that it was used a place where executions were carried out. The 2nd theory is that the Sultan enjoyed sitting there. There is also something called Telaga Tujuh (7 Wells) and Telaga Beracun (Poisoned Well). It is interesting to see the history of the state we call home. Word of caution; the tram has only one stop so once you get off, I recommend you walk around before catching another tram to descend.

On a happier note, if you find Bukit Malawati fun, I suggest visiting Kota Lukut on the outskirts of Port Dickson. I've uploaded the pictures I took during my visit to Bukit Malawati to my MySpace.

Au revoir, merci trè beacoup.

My bro and I with one of the canons.


DAYANA said...

what's good at kota lukut?

DAYANA said...

oh, I might then, I guess. I'm off to PD tomorrow for just 1 night :D I'll go if I get the chance. thanks!

DAYANA said...

haha, well yeah. but he's soooo much older. and i'll prolly never see him ever again. the way I put it makes it silly, of course. "I FELL IN LOVE". I didn't fall in love, it was just a crush