Sunday, November 23, 2008

An Innocent Sunday

Today started out a little hurried. I woke up at 10:30 and we were supposed to clean the pond. Thankfully though, the day wasn't that hot. At least not at the pond. We had an old dustbin which we once used as a garbage bin in our old neighborhood in Damansara. My dad wanted to completely dry the pond for the first time since it was so green. So we took out the dustbin and filled it with water and loaded in the fish. It seemed to go OK while we were drying the pond.

But then, one of the fishes started to go belly up. It was still breathing but belly up. My dad was surprised but we didn't do anything as that particular one had been sick for sometime now. It died before we emptied it. I felt kind of sad. The little guy was from the first batch we bought but never really grew. While we were filling up the pond, we noticed that another one was starting to swim sideways. It was one of the Tigers (the new batch) so we slowly started to pour them out. After much prompting, the fish seemed to be recovering. He could move his head sideways and his tail again. We were relieved as he seemed to be recovering.

After a very late lunch at 4 o'clock and a shower (finally), we went out to buy some stuff from the hardware store and some bananas to make a banana split. Then we scooted over to our old house in Jalan Adang to replace one of the toilet pipes as the new tenant was moving in. We got home around 6:35. My bro told us he wanted to check on the fish that was swimming sideways. When he got there, he immediately shouted for us to come. One of the big koi from the old batch and another of the Tigers were dead. The 1st Tiger to fall ill was still struggling. He joined them shortly afterwards.

I was very upset as we had lost 4 fish in one day. I liked to play with the big one and sometimes, the Tigers would come nibbling at my fingers... What started out as an innocent Sunday to clean the pond, turned into a massacre...

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