Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Wireless Life So Far

I'm publising this post via my dad's laptop. Wirelessly. A personal milestone on how far I've explored the realm of wireless technology. It's not that my PC is busted. It's just I decided to follow my dad to his meeting at UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia). Since he wasn't going to use his laptop, I decided to borrow it. I just had to get out of the house. I couldn't take it anymore; being stuck in the house with nothing to do. I know you're probably thinking "but I'm doing the SAME thing I would if I was in the house!" and yes, you would be right. But the environment counts you know, and a change in setting is nice every now and again.

Ironically, most people start out exploring wireless tech via laptops then graduate to fancier toys; say... PDAs. I started out with a PDA. Yeah, yeah, yeah, rich boy. Please, don't remind me. But some of you might go travelling overseas more frequently than I do. Note; since coming to Malaysia, I've never travelled overseas.

My neck is starting to hurt from staring downwards for so long. The life at the campus is not much. That is, there isn't much life save for the trees and the occasional staff passing by. I've finally been able to get a tenant to rent my old house in Jln. Adang. It's a family of four. My parents were all praise for my salesman skills. In fact the dad complimented I was able to put a fair price on the house. But he doesn't know that I had inquired with my 9 year old brother who was following more closely. I couldn't due to PMR. Looking at the Aerospace hall, I must agree that my initial interest in M.I.T.s Aeronautics and Aerospace course might just work.

It's starting to rain and all I have above my head is a bus stop-style zinc roof. It's only drizzling but my is it amplified. I'm scared to think how loud it'd be if it were a downpour.

I guess that's all for now. Au revoir and merci tres beaucoup.

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cuz i'm using a wireless to.