Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PMR Wishlist

I'm so bored I'm running out of ideas on how to spend the holidays. So I've decided to put down a list of things I want for getting 8As;
  1. HP Mini 1000 sub-compact notebook. The Vivienne Tam Edition passed off as a clutch at a fashion show. It's that small. It rocks! Here's the link;
  2. Boutique leather jacket. Yes, I also like one-off products (occasionally). Why leather? 'Cause it looks cool.
  3. Dockers™ jacket. Alternative to the leather. This one costs RM200 cheaper.
  4. 'French for Dummies' book

Only 4 items. Somehow I imagined I would want more. Guess not. Oh well. I'm happy as it is. Total price? I'm too scared to put it down. heheh... Fine, fine, fine, I'll put it. Gotta prove I did my homework...
- With leather jacket; RM2,259++
- With Dockers™ jacket; RM2,059++
- Without jackets; RM1,750++
Amazing how much a single article of clothing can jack up the price...


QMcullen said...

hell, u do more shopping than my mother

huh, and I thought guys never have fashion sense

faez said...

woah! cool shopping list.
but mine is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. haha