Monday, November 24, 2008

Weather, Blabber, Boredom

Its a rainy morning. I hate rainy mornings. They make the whole day gloomy and cold. Either that or the day becomes blistering hot. Bad things always seem to happen on gloomy days. Or at least its severity is amplified. We lost another koi today. A family favorite. It was white all over and had only two orange spots -- uncommon for a koi to have such little pattern. A real beauty. That was the only koi we buried because that one was a special one. The burial was quick. My mom will be horrified to learn that we had hacked away at her grass.

To make things worse, I'm out of ideas on how to spend the holidays. Mama is coming back from Canada in about 4 weeks time. By then it'll be the end of the school holidays. I will have gotten my PMR results. Hopefully I can get 8As. I'm really nervous about my Geography, Agama and B. Melayu. I'm going nuts without anyone to talk to. Good thing this afternoon I'm cycling down to D'Pangkin to have a drink with Michael. He's jogging so I guess we'll have to sit there. Oh well, at least I get to see a familiar face.

Back to the weather; thankfully the day is shady-er. It isn't THAT shady. And its still hot. God, I miss the feeling around her. Sometimes I wonder how I made it from day to day without her. I seem to have forgotten. And no, I wasn't looking for anyone special at the time, but hey, whad'ya know? I've noticed that some guys have trouble proposing to the object of their affection. Girls, what ares your opinions on this? Guys, what do you have to say to defend yourselves?


QMcullen said...

hmm...some guys do have trouble of proposing their feelings & affections. I merely think bcz they would feel they lost their manly images.
But it would be really good and sweet to let their girlfriends see the affections from their guys,
I mean, how many guys would do that?

faez said...

it's not that we're not MANLY, its that we think too much. What if that girl doesn't like you back, it'll be a huge embarassment for the guy and you know how news spread quickly among fellow students... right?