Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school! We are all free!! Hurrah! We had the class feast today. We had around RM500++ in the class savings from the profits of the Civic Carnival sale. Hopefully its finished. We had ordered McDonalds™ and everyone had a blast. The boys from 3 Beta ran up and down the corridor shooting red beans through straws. It doesn't hurt but it's not exactly pleasant either.

Oh! And we tore down the wallpaper from the 3 notice board panels at the back of the class. Dayana & I each took a strip and got everyone we knew to sign it; for keeps sake. At least 1, if not 2, of our fellow Alpharians will be leaving us next year. One will be going to SMK TTDi Jaya and the other might be changing to APIIT but he is having reservations about it. Guess we'll have to wait 'till next year to find out. Hopefully both stay but what can you do?

Our jr.s upstairs were busy smothering each other with chunks of chocolate cake. Farah joined in on the action and started chasing, Zhafir & Aiman all over. Naturally, they returned the favor. Glad I stayed in class. It was a lively event and I was maximizing my new 5MP toy. I must've taken at least 40 pictures. They'll be uploaded on my MySpace so please drop by and take a look, thank you. This Monday there'll be a gotong royong but I'm not going. I have other more pressing matters to attend to.

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