Monday, May 5, 2008

The Tribulations & Beauty of Life

"Life isn't fair," I heard a man say,
"Life? Not fair?"
"Life is cruel,"
"Life is heartless," I say.

But these difficulties paint our lives,
Makes us more colorful,
More resilient,
Makes us say "I can".

"We're mortal anyway," some might say,
And give up they may,
But that is no reason to give up,
No, no! Being mortal should make things more beautiful,
As we may pass on at any moment.

The great thing about life however,
Is that it is never out of control,
What we do defines us,
How we see reflects us.

Living in a cruel world as a mortal,
Makes our life colorful,
And the world beautiful.

-Aqil Zakwan


mia said...

the great thing in life is it is never out of control
what we do defines who we are...

dude 3 things

1. if you are out of control so is your life so never is not a good word.

2.what's up with you and poetry?

3.dont think i dont know what this poem is about. life would be stupid without death because we wont bother to make most out of life.also, life wouldnt exist. would there be life if there was no death???
now that is truly a miserable existance.

mia said...

have you been reading the secret?