Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exam results, Tetanus shots and Ill Parents

It's been a hellish two days. My grades aren't exactly up and to make things worse, my mom's in the hospital. For what, we don't know, yet. The results haven't come back. Today we celebrated my friend's birthday. It was cool. Another friend had organized a surprise party and baked the cake etc. It was good to see the birthday kid appreciating it. The grades had my friend feeling down most of the past 2 days. Then again, many people were feeling down due to the exam results. I swear 87% of the class declined in grades. Damn. And I'm supposed to be in 3 Alpha, the top class. To be honest, I'm surprised my grades weren't worse.

If that's not bad enough, I have to go for a mandatory Tetanus shot, on a FRIDAY! How to bloody hell am I supposed to go to Section 7 on a Friday?! Our disciplinary teacher (I'll be referring to him as Mr. N from here on in) suddenly announces the shots as if we had known a long time ago! And they hand out the frigging permission form today, and the shot's are today! How the f___ were we supposed to get it signed. Because of that, I need to go Section 7 on Friday. Hoora for our genius school system.

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