Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Ask Of You

I ask; what is personal belief? And at what point is your personal belief compromised?

Is personal belief something that you believe is right despite any doubts that you may have?

Is it compromised when you feel like going against your personal beliefs every time you run into the same situation?

Or is personal belief the very thing that prevents you from giving in to your emotions because deep down, you know that not giving in is the right move to do?

For example; my mother often makes rather hurtful remarks about the things. Destructive constructive criticism you may say. And for those of us in the Eastern culture in particular, it is very much unacceptable to talk back to your parents. Many a time in such situations, I feel like storming out of the room or shouting back at her.

So do I actually believe in my personal belief of not talking back no matter how much I want to? Or am I merely submitting myself painfully to the norms of society?


mia said...

fuck all of that. do what you think is right (unless ur idea of right is to kill a human being for the fun of it, in which case i may need to call the doc)
beliefs are shaped by the norms of society and by believing in something, you're conforming to just fuck it all and try and live life to the max

syazzone said...

Islam and al-Quran is the way to go..
al-Quran is like the manual book for our lives given from Allah, our creator.
no one knows better about everything than Allah S.W.T the creator..